Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) For Ready Mix Concrete Producers

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Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) For Ready Mix Concrete Producers

With new apps available by the minute, we’re seeing SSO become more popular.

Many legacy ready mix concrete software providers don’t offer SSO for log in to their stack of concrete batch, dispatch, delivery management, and business intelligence systems point solutions, forcing users to have to log in to each discreetly, often multiple times daily — but why when these solutions are all from the same vendor?

Sysdyne customers are already enjoying the benefits of SSO! With one log-in credential, it’s one and done! Ready Mix software simplified.

But what does that really mean for day-to-day operations?

Standardized Navigation

When software products are developed at different times by different teams and product owners, this can often result in varying user interfaces. Especially if solutions are bought and sold by other groups, this issue can increase tenfold.

With SSO, log-in is standardized across the board, making it easier (and faster) to get through to the systems you need now. With one log-in rather than forced multiple points of entry, users aren’t having to switch between different URLs or applications just to gain access.

The construction industry as a whole is slow to adopt new technologies, however, a standardized log-in and overall improved user experience can make or break new technology adoption at ready mix organizations. With faster adoption rates, come faster lead times for improved operational efficiencies. This can often be a challenge for example with operators who have batched their concrete the same way for 20+ years, or for managers who have run their dispatch, or ready mix fleet using the same processes and technologies since they started.

Time Savings for Users & IT Departments

It may seem a given that users are saving time without having to log into up to four or more systems separately every day, but there are some hidden time savings that come with SSO. Recent US surveys report password resets cost individuals up to 26, even as much as 103 hours per year — talk about a time waster.* Think of what that time added back in to your operation would mean for your ready mix business, that’s just shy of 13 additional 8-hr work days. How much concrete could you pour in 13 days? How many more loads?

For when password resets can’t be avoided however, Sysdyne’s single sign-on allows users to reset passwords themselves, without having to go through IT departments or support. That means significantly less Help Desk tickets coming through on their end and less work for the user having to type up these requests.

With the current state of the job market and in a niche industry, it’s not uncommon for employees to leave a company and come back later. For IT, that means deleting all their system log-in’s and having to reinstate them or create new ones when folks are rehired.

Or, if multiple employees are hired on or leaving at the same time, IT still has to go through and delete all those sets of usernames and passwords. For a new company just starting up, that can mean hours extra time your IT team could be putting towards much more important technology initiatives.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

An IT favorite here! With SSO, there is no having to manage a separate set of credentials per application. It can be a security nightmare if your IT has to manage up to four or more different log-in’s for each employee. For large, enterprise level organizations with thousands of employees, this adds up fast. And in the event of a security breach, this could be critical for your operations.

If you’re not a Sysdyne user, not only are you having to come up with 4+ different passwords for your concrete batch, dispatch, delivery management, etc. but you’re doing the same at home for your Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and more. Having to remember unique combinations for a multitude of different platforms often leads to password fatigue. With SSO, one password for all not only reduces this but often results in stronger passwords overall.

Beyond overall log-in management, SSO can help prevent Shadow IT, or unauthorized software use in the workplace at the organization’s expense. IT administrators can better monitor activities on servers and identify unusual and out-of-compliance behaviors. With IT teams able to focus on what matters, this could prevent major (and often costly) ransom or malware attacks.

For even tighter security measures, Single Sign-On also opens the door for multi-factor authentication (MFA) as SSO serves as the foundation for MFA. MFA is a multi-step login process that requires users to confirm their identification using more than one verification factor. This is often seen as a standard password plus at least one or more answers to set security questions, one-time passwords sent generated by app,or sent by text or email. Other verification factors that may be used include: software tokens and certificates, access badges, security keys, USB devices, Smart cards, FOBS, fingerprint, facial, voice, or retina/iris scanning. With over 80% of hacking-related breaches caused by stolen or weak passwords**, MFA allows for further additional protection against cyber crimes and cyber attacks. Sysdyne customers can look forward to this feature coming soon!

In Closing

To sum it all up, Single Sign-On means so much more than just a faster log-in time. Not only does SSO from Sysdyne mean users can log in once for access to their Batch, Dispatch, Delivery Management, and Business Intelligence systems, but for ready mix producers, SSO means:

  • Improved user interface and user experience
  • Better & faster technology adoption rates
  • Time savings for both users and IT groups
  • Reduced password resets
  • Reduced password fatigue
  • Overall enhanced security & compliance
  • Cyber attack prevention

For more information on SSO for your Sysdyne solutions or to schedule a demo for CloudBatch, ConcreteGO, iStrada, or SysdyneBI, email us now

*Hours spent resetting Passwords
**Verizon 2022 Data Breach Report


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