Who owns the dispatch data?

The ConcreteGO customer unequivocally owns their own dispatch data. If ever you no longer require ConcreteGO services, Sysdyne will return your operational data in an SQL database format upon request.

How long does it normally take to implement ConcreteGO?

Since ConcreteGO doesn’t require multiple server installations and a VPN, the implementation is easy and can be done very quickly. With a dedicated project manager on the customer side, we can implement a ConcreteGO central dispatch in as little as two weeks.

Can you export ticket data to our accounting/ERP system?

We can export ticket data to most accounting/ERP systems. Please contact the sales manager in your region for more detailed information.

We close some of our ready-mix plants in the winter, do we still need to pay for a ConcreteGO subscription?

No. You pay your ConcreteGO subscription only when your plants are up and operational.

Can you integrate with our existing GPS truck tracking solution?

We integrate with most GPS truck tracking solutions in the industry. Please contact our regional sales manager for more details.

Do you have an electronic ticketing solution?

Yes, iStrada is our GPS and Paperless ticketing solution. In essence, it’s an online collaboration platform that benefits all the stakeholders in a project-project managers, finishers, drivers, dispatchers, inspectors, DOT officials, etc. Ticket and delivery information is updated dynamically for communication and decision making. Please visit www.istrada.net or call your local sales manager for further details.


Does iStrada offer GPS truck tracking?

Yes, iStrada offers GPS truck tracking, electronic ticketing, time keeping, DVIR’s and more.

Can I use iStrada with my existing dispatch and batch systems?

Yes, our products support other platforms.

Can I use iStrada with our existing GPS?

Yes, iStrada works with most common GPS solutions in ready-mix industry.

Can I use iStrada without dispatch?

Yes, iStrada can work with batch controls directly without dispatch.

Do I have to pay for trucks that are parked?

No. iStrada is offered as a pay-as-you-go solution. You only need to pay for the trucks that are using iStrada.

Where are the digital tickets stored?

The tickets are stored in a data center hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Do we have to pay AWS for the hosting service?

No, you only need to deal with Sysdyne. Your subscription fee will cover the use of iStrada, updates, 24/7 hosting service and support!


What if I lose internet connection?

CloudBatch will automatically switch to offline mode so batch operators can continue to batch without losing any time or data. Batch data obtained while being in the offline mode will be pushed up to the cloud once the internet connection is re-established.

How does CloudBatch control the concrete plant?

CloudBatch controls the concrete plant the same as a regular batch control. The system includes a batch panel or junction box that is wired to the physical plant. The CloudBatch software controls the plant by sending control signals to the batch panel.

Can I batch remotely?

Yes, any internet-enabled device can be used to access the entire batch system.

Can I have my batch man load concrete using a tablet?

Yes, multiple users can use a tablet, phone, or PC to access the program.

Do I have to have ConcreteGO to use CloudBatch?

No. CloudBatch will work with third-party dispatch systems using the Universal Link protocol

Can I upgrade my current Pioneer batch control to CloudBatch?

Yes, we have an upgrade path for current Pioneer batch customers, please contact a Sysdyne sales representative for more information sales@sysdynetechnologies.com.

Is CloudBatch more expensive?

There is no upfront cost to purchase the CloudBatch system. Sysdyne offers a simple monthly subscription model that excludes shipping and handling and installation charges if Sysdyne installs the system and there are no annual maintenance fees. There are no annual maintenance fees if you choose the monthly subscription. Please contact a Sysdyne sales representative for more information sales@sysdynetechnologies.com.

How does the unified database between dispatch and batch work?

Using a unified database, dispatch and batch become one system. When a user enters a new mix design for the plant, it becomes available instantaneously in both batch and dispatch. This holds true for customers, projects, orders, materials/constituents, tickets, drivers, trucks, and inventory information.

Can I see other plants?

It will depend on the roles assigned. Users will be able to see other plants’ information if they are given the proper permissions.

How long is my data saved?

The data is securely backed-up and saved for as long as the subscription is active.

What type of maintenance is required for CloudBatch?

There is no software maintenance required – Sysdyne will update and maintain the CloudBatch software as part of the subscription service. Sysdyne uses the best PAC technology to power their batch hardware which ensures high reliability with the option of a lifetime warranty on parts.


What’s the difference between 'material requirement' and 'material demand'?

Material Requirement is the quantity of each material needed by all the orders placed. Material Demand is calculated with material requirement and current inventory level of each material. It also considers the minimum stock level and the storage capacity of each material.

How do you calculate 'driver availability'?

Driver availability is calculated with all the drivers that are not taking more than 8 hours of PTO (Paid Time Off) or UTO (Unpaid Time Off).

Does your 'material demand' take into account the inventories of each material at the plant?


How do you calculate yardage per man hour (YMH)?

Yardage per man hour is calculated using all yardages ticketed divided by the total man hour of all active drivers.

Why does my 'Material Demand' dashboard have no data?

If you are a Cloud Batch customer, there could be some settings you need to set up – Contact our service team for help. Otherwise, it is because you do not have Cloud Batch – Contact our Commercial team to learn how you can get Cloud Batch at no upfront cost!

Why does my 'Inventory Balance' dashboard have no data?

If you are a Cloud Batch customer, there could be some settings you need to set up – Contact our service team for help. Otherwise, it is because you do not have Cloud Batch – The dashboard extracts inventory data from Cloud batch. Contact our Commercial team to learn how you can get Cloud Batch at no upfront cost!

Can I get the material dashboard data if I am not using Sysdyne CloudBatch?


Why doesn’t my operational dashboard show the 'Driver Availability' chart?

You must use iStrada for driver’s timekeeping in order to have the driver availability data. If you are an iStrada customer, then there could be some settings you need to set up – Contact our service team for help. Otherwise, it is because you do not have iStrada – The dashboard extracts driver’s data from iStrada. Contact our Commercial team to learn how you can get the iStrada delivery management system!

Why doesn’t my operational dashboard show YMH number?

To have the YMH KPI, your drivers must use iStrada to clock in and clock out. If you are an iStrada customer and have not used iStrada to manage your drivers’ time, Contact our service team for help. Otherwise, contact our Commercial team to learn how you can get the iStrada delivery management system!

How much will all of these dashboards and reports cost?

Right now, all ConcreteGO customers can access all dashboards and reports free of charge. Contact our Commercial team for details.


What makes Seek 'N Feed unique for the ready mix concrete industry?

Reliability. It’s a worry free system.

Flexibility. You can pair any ground bin with any overhead bin, or bypass certain overhead bins as needed.

Can I use Seek 'N Feed outdoors?

Yes. All parts used in the Seek ‘N Feed are water proof. However, we would recommend installing the system in an enclosure just to be safe.

Can Seek 'N Feed control more than 6 overhead bins or be used for multiple stacker belts?

Yes. We can customize the system to meet your needs.

Can Seek 'N Feed be integrated with Pioneer batching software?

Not right now. Seek ‘N Feed is a standalone system that can not be integrated with any batch software. It is our plan to make it part of batch control down the road.


Does QuickLink only work with ConcreteGO dispatch?

No. QuickLink also works with Sysdyne batch software.

What ERP or accounting software does Sysdyne integrate?

Sysdyne can integrate with ERP and accounting software such as SAP, ViewPoint, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formally Great Plains), Sage 50 (Formally PeachTree) and Sage 300 CRE (Formally Timberline). Please contact us for detailed information.

Does Sysdyne offer an invoicing solution?

Yes. You can use our cloud-native central dispatch solution ConcreteGO for invoicing as well.

What other accounting related features does Sysdyne offer?

iStrada can push timecards to Quicklink and into Quickbooks


What kind proximity sensor does MRC-Pro work with?

NPN three wire proximity sensor. We don’t guarantee that MRC-Pro will work with all types of NPN sensors. To ensure quality, please contact us for your sensor needs.

Counter doesn’t display ‘RES” even though the power cable is connected.

Check power source and harness connections.

Counter is on and resets, but no lights come on when steel is near the sensor.

Check the harness and connections to the sensor/switch (see mounting directions in the operator’s manual.)

Counter resets and lights go on but the counter doesn’t count after adjustment.

Ensure the fork-plate is mounted in the right direction (the narrow fork on the plate should pass the sensor first). Slow the drum speed and check if the decimal point on the counter display blinks twice after the fork passes the sensor. Check mounting dimensions of the sensor.

The dot flashes, but neither the MIX count or TOTAL count change when the drum rotates.

Check the mounting of the fork plate (see user manual). Counter may be configured for incorrect application (see user manual).

The light on the back of the proximity sensor is on even when the fork-plate is more than a foot away from it.

Ensure that the face of the sensor is at least 2 ¾ inches away from the sensor bracket. If it is, make sure there are no other metal objects in the vicinity of the sensor.

The counter registers count in the wrong drum direction only.

The fork plate is most likely mounted backwards. See “Mounting the Sensor” in the User Manual for proper plate arrangement.

It doesn’t work and I have no clue why.

Call SYSDYNE and we’ll help you figure it out (1-877-SYSDYNE)


Does Sysdyne batch software read Hydronix moisture sensors?

Yes, moisture readings are taken from the sensors and adjust water in the mix automatically.

Who supports Hydronix moisture probe?

If your moisture probe has been purchased through Sysdyne, Sysdyne will provide customer support and periodically perform calibration.

Does Hydronix provide product warranty?

Hydronix provides an 18-month warranty for both Hydro-Probe and Hydro-Mix.


Our fully integrated products cover the entire spectrum of concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management and billing. The innovative dispatch, batch control, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration platform, help concrete producers worldwide run more efficiently and profitably.

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