The Seek ‘N Feed controller has all the flexibility you desire. It operates in a totally automatic mode where the system constantly seeks bins to feed, keeping your plant continuously stocked with materials. The operator can pair any ground bin with any overhead bin and assign priority to each overhead bin. Keep your plant materials continuously stocked with Seek 'N Feed.

“When we went live [with Sysdyne] up in our northern region with our drivers and batchmen, word spread from those folks and people got excited. I would get phone calls and emails of 'Hey when are we getting this, when's it coming?'”

Alan White, Senior IT Director
Dolese Bros. Co.

“By far the best part of our switch to Sysdyne has been the customer service. No other company comes close to their responsiveness and assistance when you have a question or request.”

Jeramy Croell, Territory Manager
Croell, Inc.

“Sysdyne has helped us see the benefits of moving to the latest technology and the return on the investment it generates for a concrete producer.”

Rod Bohlender, Operations Manager
Norwalk Ready Mix

“With the reliability of Sysdyne’s solutions, we can provide better products and on-time service, day in and day out. That’s what our customers want and ultimately why they choose to do business with a ready-mix company like us.”

TJ Oneglia, Vice President
O&G Industries


What makes Seek 'N Feed unique for the ready mix concrete industry?

Reliability. It’s a worry free system.

Flexibility. You can pair any ground bin with any overhead bin, or bypass certain overhead bins as needed.

Can I use Seek 'N Feed outdoors?

Yes. All parts used in the Seek ‘N Feed are water proof. However, we would recommend installing the system in an enclosure just to be safe.

Can Seek 'N Feed control more than 6 overhead bins or be used for multiple stacker belts?

Yes. We can customize the system to meet your needs.

Can Seek 'N Feed be integrated with your batching software?

Not right now - Seek ‘N Feed is a standalone system that can not be integrated with any batch software. We plan to make it part of batch control down the road.



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