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Sysdyne offers products that are innovative and accessibly priced. Our iStrada® platform will propel your business into the digital world, helping you to successfully compete in this increasingly competitive market.

iStrada is a game-changer for us, giving our customers greater control and visibility of their orders through their own portal… It offered us the chance to clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing our customers with a real-time interface with our operation… iStrada for us is more than a tracking system or customer interface, it replaces the need for driver pre-start checklist, maintenance logbooks, and driver start timesheets as well becoming our timekeeping for payroll and communication between plant and drivers via messaging or mobile call to the driver’s tablet. All of this together with paperless tickets has reduced our need for paper-based systems, cut back on administration time, and increased productivity by freeing up our plant staff.
– Dennis Riddle, Elvin Group


Revolutionizing the Way We Deliver

iStrada by Sysdyne helps businesses go paperless while setting a new standard. This comprehensive online platform allows producers and their customers to collaborate seamlessly. The iStrada.net web portal gives stakeholders the ability to track and monitor deliveries in real time, while the driver’s app updates the portal automatically and delivers the hot ticket electronically. Together, these features revolutionize the way you deliver and make it easier for clients to conduct business with you.


How Using iStrada Can Benefit Your Business

- DRIVERS never get lost during delivery or have to deal with tons of paperwork including tickets, batch weights, DVIRs, and inspection sheets.

- CUSTOMERS no longer have to wait in the queue to inquire about deliveries. Instead, they are able to track their own deliveries in real-time.

- DISPATCHERS no longer need to answer customer phone calls to check on their delivery status. They will have online access to order information, ensuring clear communication.
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iStrada Features

iStrada App

Our iStrada app runs directly on your Android mobile device. You supply the device and iStrada does the rest. From e-tickets to GPS truck tracking auto-statusing, we make your devices work for you. Our apps also work when cell coverage is not reliable. In offline mode, the app continues to function and synchronizes all of the gathered data as soon as it regains a signal.


iStrada App automatically updates the truck status, water content, w/c ratio, and inspection results to the paperless ticket. The batch weights can be made available, so the driver can simply email a ticket with the electronic signature.


Drivers can use the iStrada App to clock-in and clock-out, fill out pre-trip and post-trip DVIRs, and record their breaks. The total working hours in each day are recorded on the app, which also provides drivers with a maintenance log.

Water Added

Drivers can record water added at the plant and at the job site. The iStrada app allows drivers to take pictures, capture job site conditions, or record the foreman who received the delivery.

GPS Assistance

iStrada automatically identifies the delivery address, correcting if necessary and providing routing guidance to prevent drivers from getting lost. You can also customize the delivery route to optimize delivery times and avoid delays.


Our iStrada web portal allows producers and customers to collaborate seamlessly online. Information is shared and updated in real-time to significantly improve delivery and communications.


You can track delivery tickets in real-time as information is updated automatically. Consolidating and searching tickets can be done by day, week, customer, project, order, truck, etc. Tickets can also be emailed in PDF format.

iStrada Maps

View all of your trucks and delivery statuses on an easy-to-use Google Maps interface. Draw custom geofences to improve accuracy while delivering to the jobsite. Track truck speeds, replay snail trails and ensure driver safety.

Contractor Inspector Access

Consolidate inspector, contractor, and producer information on a single platform. Producers can give access to job data, batch weights, and delivery times to the various stakeholders. Inspectors can add notes directly on the app.

Timekeeping, Driver Call-Out

Use the iStrada app to manage timekeeping for drivers and non-driver hourly employees. Time reports can be exported easily to your payroll. The driver call-out function allows you to use SMS or Email to confirm your start time.


Dispatchers, managers and owners gain critical insight into their fleet and production performance. Visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help drive profits. and efficiency, real-time data in an easy to use format, consolidate huge amounts of data and arrange numbers, metrics and performance scorecards on a single screen so all the information is at your finger tips.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We never stop improving. Our goal is to transform the industry with leading edge technology and to provide unparalleled service to our customer. In this increasingly competitive market, we know what it takes to earn the trust of our clients and we are committed to keeping that trust.
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"iStrada is a great solution for Manatt's because of its versatility. With 40 ready-mix plants and 240 trucks online, getting fleet GPS, truck status, custom DVIRs, time keeping and e-ticketing all wrapped up in one platform, this was the package we were searching for. Combining tracking and dispatch software from Sysdyne has definitely improved our fleet management and efficiency..."
Todd Brown, Manatt's Inc.
At Sysdyne, your satisfaction and the success of your business are our top priorities. Our team members are readily available to help you streamline your operations using the iStrada platform. Call us today at 203.327.3649 to schedule a consultation or complete our convenient contact form to send inquiries.


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Does iStrada offer GPS truck tracking?

Yes, iStrada offers GPS truck tracking, electronic ticketing, time keeping, DVIR’s and more.


Can I use iStrada with my existing dispatch and batch systems?

Yes, our products support other platforms.


Can I use iStrada with our existing GPS?

Yes, iStrada works with most common GPS solutions in ready-mix industry.


Can I use iStrada without dispatch?

Yes, iStrada can work with batch controls directly without dispatch.


Do I have to pay for trucks that are parked?

No. iStrada is offered as a pay-as-you-go solution. You only need to pay for the trucks that are using iStrada.


Where are the digital tickets stored?

The tickets are stored in a data center hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS).


Do we have to pay AWS for the hosting service?

No, you only need to deal with Sysdyne. Your subscription fee will cover the use of iStrada, updates, 24/7 hosting service and support!


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