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March 25, 2019

Sysdyne Welcomes Henry Lee to the Sales Team

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At Sysdyne, we know that accuracy and attention to detail define your success in the ready mix industry. ConcreteGO™ by Sysdyne will help you manage your business more effectively and proactively, with unrivaled customer support available 24/7.

ConcreteGO has allowed us to achieve a level of efficiency that previously was unattainable. We have been able to navigate our company driver shortage, as well as the nationwide driver shortage, and serve more customers, more efficiently with a greater profit margin. We wholeheartedly recommend ConcreteGO to anyone looking for a solution to their dispatching needs.Patricia A. Blakely, Maryland Portable Concrete, Inc.

How Does the Cloud Improve Dispatching?

Engineered with advanced technological capabilities, ConcreteGO is essentially central dispatching in the cloud. The program allows you to grow your businesses without the traditional IT overhead. By simply logging into ConcreteGO.com from a web browser, dispatchers and batch operators can gain secure access to critical operational data anytime, anywhere. Access to real-time data improves production, fleet performance, and job delivery. The key performance indicator (KPI) and dashboard tools make it easier for management teams to make decisions.

Why Do True Cloud Solutions Matter?

-ConcreteGO makes your life easier:
There is no need for hardware, network setup, maintenance, or upgrades. Our hosted service transforms deploying and scaling up into a process that is faster and easier.

-ConcreteGO makes more economical sense:
Subscription-based pricing eliminates the financial risk of large up-front capital expenditures, and you can easily add or close plants as needed.

-ConcreteGO means better security and less downtime:
Our system allows you to benefit from the highest up time in the industry, while your data is securely backed up on an on-going basis.

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ConcreteGO Features

Order Tracking and Scheduling

Screens are user-friendly and fully customizable. Features include grouping plants by region, drag-and-drop truck ticketing, and anticipating the next tickets to load. Easily view batch ticket results from the tracking screen and Will Call list that includes contact information, as well as real-time production data updates.

Truck Demand in Real-time

This feature also includes screens that can be customized by the user. Other features include multi-plant by region views and single-plant views, along with filter by Will Call and confirmed in-progress orders. Simply click to advance the days by using single or multiple graph options.

Automate SMS Delivery Notices

Automate SMS delivery notices for better communication at the customer, project, and order entry levels. By using multiple SMS numbers to optimize communication between dispatchers and drivers, this feature can significantly reduce unnecessary calls to dispatch. The SMS call log can even audit the success or failure of the SMS message.

Google Maps Interface

The Google Maps interface helps you to pinpoint delivery locations easily and accurately. Simply drag and drop to update the address information directly on the screen. Update or change order locations and order entries in just a few clicks. Google Maps also integrates seamlessly with iStrada.

Performance Dashboard

Dispatchers, managers, and owners can gain critical insight into their production and fleet performance. Visualization tools consolidate huge amounts of data in order to help in the decision-making process. Access to important KPIs will ultimately help drive profits and efficiency.

Until Better Is The Best

We never stop improving. Our goal is to transform the industry with leading edge innovations and to provide quality service to our customers. In this increasingly competitive market, we know what it takes to earn the trust of our clients and we are committed to honoring that trust.
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"ConcreteGO changed our perception of concrete dispatch... It has made a huge difference in our efficiency. We found that we are now capable of doing up to 20% more work with equal amount of trucks. What we used to do in 12 hours is now being done in 10 hours."
Rod Bohlender
Norwalk Ready Mix Concrete Inc. , Operations Manager


Who owns the dispatch data?

The ConcreteGO customer unequivocally owns their own dispatch data. If ever you are no longer in need of our services, Sysdyne will require your operational data in an SQL database format upon request.

How long does it normally take to implement ConcreteGO?

Since ConcreteGO doesn’t require multiple server installations or a VPN, the implementation is easy and can be done rather quickly. With a dedicated project manager on your side, we can implement a ConcreteGO central dispatch in as little as two weeks.

Can you export ticket data to our accounting/ERP system?

We can export ticket data to most accounting/ERP systems. Please contact the sales manager in your region for more detailed information.

We close some of our plants during the winter. Do we still need to pay for a ConcreteGO subscription?

No. You pay your ConcreteGO subscription only when your plants are up and operational.

Can you integrate with our existing GPS truck tracking solutions?

We integrate with most GPS truck tracking solutions in the concrete industry. Please contact a regional sales representative for more details.

Do you have an electric ticketing solution?

Yes, iStrada serves as our GPS and paperless ticketing solution. In essence, it’s an online collaboration platform that benefits all the stakeholders in a project. This includes product managers, finishers, drivers, dispatchers, inspectors, DOT officials, etc. Ticket and delivery information is updated dynamically for communication and decision making.

A Mission to Continuously Improve

At Sysdyne, we are always looking ahead to the next way we can improve the concrete industry and streamline your operations. In this increasingly competitive market, we know what it takes to earn the trust of our clients, and we are committed to honoring that trust.

ConcreteGO changed our perception of concrete dispatch. It has made a huge difference in our efficiency. We found that we are now capable of doing up to 20% more work with an equal amount of trucks. What we used to do in 12 hours is now being done in 10 hours.Rod Bohlender, Norwalk Ready Mix Concrete Inc.

Get Started With Sysdyne

ConcreteGO requires no upfront fees or lengthy installation process to get started. As a Sysdyne customer, you’ll get dedicated support and training tailored to the needs of your employees. Experience the value and ease of a true cloud-based solution for yourself today. Give us a call at 203-327-3649 or complete our contact form with a guaranteed response in 24-48 hours.