Why Mobile Reporting is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Why Mobile Reporting is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

With the number of people involved, from drivers to management, on-site and off-site, it is understandable that reporting and communicating in the concrete industry has traditionally been a challenge. As technology has developed, mobile reporting has become more mainstream, which has led to rapid industry improvement for many.

Why is it so important for concrete producers? Sysdyne explores the crucial role mobile reporting now plays:
Improving reporting accuracy

The first benefit of mobile reporting on a construction site is that it provides better and more accurate information. By uploading information to a central hub automatically, the risk of human error is reduced. Additionally, it prevents data manipulation and inaccurate reporting.

Since anything that happens on site can be reported immediately, the real-time reporting system significantly improves accuracy for concrete producers. This improves the quality of the data, and gives key decision-makers access to the most reliable information. With Sysdyne’s ERP integration for example, concrete producers can track material inventory in real-time and streamline payroll management.

Reduction of paperwork

Many organizations struggle with accessing information because they accumulate too much paperwork. It is easy for reports to be misfiled or misplaced, putting important data at risk. With so much information stored on paper, you have to take the time to locate all the documents you need.

With the use of mobile technology, reports have the capability of being logged with dates, times, where the report was made, and who made it. Having easy access to this information means locating one report will not take hours.

Concrete producers have other aspects of the business, such as timekeeping, that are also simplified by using mobile apps. With advanced platforms such as iStrada, it is not necessary for employees to write down what time their shift began and ended. Having a fully integrated mobile payroll solution will also benefit a company’s accounting department, as lost timesheets will be less likely to occur and will be more accurate.

Cloud-based storage is also more secure than anything you’d find in a paper trail. Only those who are authorized access to specified information may obtain it.

Improving Collaboration

It can be complicated to coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in concrete deliveries. Drivers may not have access to information that management has. The decisions that are made may be confusing to those on-site as they aren’t presented with the necessary information. Sharing project information between relevant departments becomes easier when the information is uploaded. Dispatchers can now better understand what is going on.

No matter how well planned a concrete pour may be, issues will often arise. It is easy to report a problem almost immediately – drivers can even submit images to help explain their tickets or provide additional details. This method will allow workers offsite to better understand the issue at hand.

Enhancing Productivity

Projects can be made more efficient by ensuring relevant information is available to everyone. Mobile technology enables workers to access work-related information at their fingertips, enhancing productivity. The elimination of manual processes like getting the right paperwork enables managers to make more quick and informed decisions – and employees will not be waiting for tasks.

An integrated approach will encourage everyone on the team to become more productive. As a result, production and delivery will finish on time and within budget – preventing overspends and costly penalties.

Reducing Overheads

Incorporating mobile reporting into a construction project reduces overheads in a number of ways. The first benefit is that it eliminates the need for a physical location to store information, as everything is stored in the cloud. Moreover, it reduces the quantity of paper needed and printing costs.

Also, with the most accurate information available, mistakes are less likely to be made. Procedures can be implemented that cuts out the requirement for rework and the costs that come along with it.

Advancing supply chain management

It is much easier to eliminate any potential material shortages with access to the most current information. By ordering in new stock in advance, managers can improve the supply chain and keep the project running smoothly.


The use of mobile reporting has streamlined operations for concrete producers. With so many companies using it, it has advanced to the point that any company not utilizing it will get left behind. The biggest advantage of mobile reporting is that it delivers much more accurate information, enabling more timely and more confident decisions to be made. It will also improve productivity, resulting in a greater chance of completing a project on schedule and within budget.

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