The Ultimate GPS/Truck Tracking Tool for Concrete Producers

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iStrada Mobile Device Management

Concrete producers are taking advantage of the iStrada GPS/truck-tracking software now offered as a turn-key-solution with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

MDM is used to supervise, regulate, and secure drivers’ tablets to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With the implementation of MDM, iStrada comes installed and ready-to-use with your desired number of tablets, and complete control over drivers’ permissions to access apps and data on their devices.

By using MDM, company tablets can be made as secure and functional as possible, while protecting the surrounding network. Additionally, this helps answer the big “what if” questions: 
If an employee is fired, what happens to the sensitive data on their device or devices?
What if the device is stolen or lost?
Will data remain on their device or will it be erased?
With MDM, if an unauthorized party should try to gain access to the device, it can be blocked remotely to prevent them from interacting with its data, which helps minimize data leaks and misuse.

Enhanced Security

It might be less expensive to lose a mobile device than it is to lose the data accessible by that device – Data loss can cost substantially more. Data theft through malware and phishing attacks also pose a significant threat to companies. Cyberattacks can always be a threat to mobile devices and one cannot predict them. With MDM, businesses can add another layer of security to their employees’ mobile devices, protecting their data in the process.

Support and Update Enhancements

Keeping all devices updated and consistent with the company’s data and device policies is crucial. There are many reasons why mobile device users might not proactively follow these guidelines. Mobile device management enables producers to access mobile devices, push new updates and provide support to the devices. Using this approach, all device updates and policies are always up-to-date.

Better Application Control

There are times when an employee might use personal applications on company devices. All applications use the device’s data in one way or another. The question is how this data might be used. The last thing any producer wants is for someone else to access their data without their permission. A MDM system allows companies to control which apps their employees can use and which they cannot. This helps control the use of data by applications.

Remote Device Erase Capability

The data on stolen devices is at serious risk if they are stolen. Using MDM, producers can remotely erase the data on the devices. With this, the device turns into a heavy brick or paperweight. Data safety is ensured at all times.

Better Device Compliance

From time to time, companies may adjust their data and digital policies. In order to follow the latest guidelines, the devices must be updated to conform with the changes. Producers can ensure that all their devices will be updated with the latest policies through MDM without any action on their part. Thus, the devices will always conform to organizational policies.

Enables Auto Backup

Losing data to a device failure or theft can hurt an organization significantly. To ensure the data will not be lost in such a circumstance, it needs to be backed up regularly. MDM software helps schedule and backup data during idle hours. Therefore, data is not lost in the case of theft or breakdown, and can be restored to a new device, enabling business to continue uninterrupted.


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Our fully integrated products cover the entire spectrum of concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management and billing. The innovative dispatch, batch control, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration platform, help concrete producers worldwide run more efficiently and profitably.

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