The Hydro-Probe II is a digital moisture sensor that is designed to measure moisture continuously in the flow of material across the ceramic sensor faceplate. Measuring at 25 times per second the sensor detects rapid changes in moisture, providing a linear digital or analogue output. It was the first moisture sensor to use the digital microwave moisture measurement technique. It has integral signal processing which provides a linear output and it can easily be connected to any control system.


Does Sysdyne batch software read Hydronix moisture sensors?

Yes. We take moisture readings from the sensors and adjust water in the mix automatically.

Who supports Hydronix moisture probe?

Sysdyne will perform periodically calibration and provide customer support if your moisture probe is purchased from Sysdyne.

Does Hydronix provide product warranty?

Hydronix provides 18 months warranty for both Hydro-Probe and Hydro-Mix.