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April 1st, 2020, Stamford, Connecticut – In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sysdyne is stepping up their efforts to help our industry continue to work during this difficult time. We are offering FREE access to paperless tickets using our iStradaView® platform effective immediately . iStradaView is part of the iStrada delivery management system with advanced dashboard. Go-paperless will help minimize the risk of COVID-19 by eliminating the handling of paper tickets.

This offer is available to ALL Sysdyne and Non-Sysdyne customers worldwide. It allows you to review and email paperless tickets quickly and easily from your mobile device. Contractors and DOT inspectors will have easy-access to the ticket information online. Your customer can accept or reject a load using the iStradaView collaboration platform. *This offer is not a full version of iStradaView.

You will NOT be required to buy tablets or data plans for drivers in order to receive this offer. Implementation is fast and easy, and will be done online. Producers can be up and running within a day. Sysdyne will waive the one time setup fee from April 1st to June 30th on first come first serve basis. We will provide webinars and training videos to ensure proper usage and guarantee a successful experience. iStradaView works on your existing mobile devices and tablets (Android and iOS).

In addition, iStradaView provides an advanced mobile dashboard  that tracks yardage ordered, delivered, and poured, along with detailed order information.

Begin Working With iStradaView: A Platform Where People Connect.

iStradaView® Producer Training video Part I
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iStradaView® Producer Training video Part II
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As the first company to have developed paperless ticketing for the specific needs of the concrete industry, Sysdyne is committed to helping our industry navigate through these challenging times.

Please contact your regional Sysdyne representative for complete details by emailing eticketingpromotion@sysdynecorp.com or using our LIVE CHAT located at the bottom of the page.

Thank you,
Sysdyne Team