Cloud Batch Feature Highlight: Hourly Material Demand Report

A timely materials demand report is crucial for day-to-day ready mix operations. With Pioneer Cloud Batch, all your batch data is in the cloud, which enables the report to take in to account the balance of each material, the capacity of the materials containers at each plant, the ship-ins your batch operators entered into the batch controls as well as upcoming orders.

As a person in control of a ready mix plant, if a large batch order comes in while you’re not at the plant, how often do you feel uneasy about your cement inventory? With Pioneer Cloud Batch, this becomes a thing of the past; Simply log on to ConcreteGo to take a quick look at your materials report detail, enabling you to schedule your material deliveries accordingly and ensure sufficient material supply while avoiding excessive charges from your material suppliers.

With Pioneer Cloud Batch in place, when a Cement Truck comes in and your company receives a delivery ticket, your cement inventory is now in the cloud. Only with Pioneer Cloud Batch do you have the ability to build such a material demand report by obtaining data from both Dispatch and Batch controls. Feeling (even slightly) uneasy about your inventory? Grab your phone or tablet, go on concretego.com and check for yourself! Track your material inventory from anywhere, anytime!