iStrada® Feature Series: Using QR Codes to Start the Day

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Digital Timekeeping Series: Using QR Codes to Start the Day

Timekeeping is no doubt a critical part of any ready-mix operation. A well-designed digital timekeeping system sets a good foundation for easy payroll:

• It makes it easier to track and approve employees’ time
• It sets a solid foundation for labor cost allocation
• It helps improve drivers’ efficiency and productivity

Starting today, we will introduce a series of timekeeping functions built into Sysdyne’s iStrada® comprehensive delivery management platform. We encourage all concrete producers to take advantage of our FREE* timekeeping function offer today!

Digital clock-in has been around for almost as long as the Internet has, and has been benefitting ready mix producers for years. What’s interesting, however, is how many businesses still opt for traditional timekeeping systems using paper time cards. Today we made using digital clock-in much easier, by introducing QR code technology that allows all employees, including ready mix drivers, to clock-in and out by simply scanning a QR code.

While using iStrada, each truck is assigned a tablet with the iStrada App preloaded, and each employee is assigned a QR Code which can be printed on a key card. Drivers can start their day simply by clocking-in using the iStrada App to scan the QR code. Other hourly employees can use their QR code to clock-in on a designated PC or tablet. Clocking-in with the iStrada App triggers a Pre-trip DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) form. Completion of a DVIR form automatically puts the driver “In Service” on the dispatch platform** so dispatchers know they are ready to receive their first load of the day. Drivers can also record their breaks easily throughout the day.

Built-in GPS and geofence functionality allows the iStrada Platform to track the plants at which drivers loaded concrete. The ability to track driver’s loading plants throughout the day is the foundation for cost allocation and simplifies tasks for payroll staff.

In addition, leveraging QR code technology helps maintain the integrity of the timekeeping process. Compared with paper punch cards or employee ID, the sophistication of using QR codes makes it more difficult for clocking-in on someone’s behalf.

Beyond the secure clock-in feature using QR codes, the iStrada platform additionally provides an automatic clock-out feature. Concrete producers set a sufficient time limit for drivers to wash their truck, and complete the post-trip DVIR after the truck returns to the plant from the last delivery of the day. With the time limit set, should the driver forget to clock-out, the iStrada platform will clock the driver out automatically when the time limit is reached.

The iStrada platform is ever more beneficial as our industry continues to cope with the global pandemic. The clock-in feature allows drivers to clock-in while remaining inside their truck, eliminating the need to go into the office and/or interact with others face-to-face. The digital clock-in also eliminates touching or processing paper punch cards. All these features will help keep your workforce safe. The data is communicated and stored using the cloud, so you are no longer forced to maintain and archive paper time sheets. Time reports can easily be created using iStrada for payroll purposes, easing the burden on the back-office staff.

* FREE timekeeping function is a limited time offer available for concrete producers using iStrada for GPS and paperless ticketing.
** The automatic “In Service” update is available with Sysdyne’s ConcreteGO® Cloud dispatch system

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