Plan the next work day with a few clicks using the iStrada® Delivery Management System Digital Driver Call-Out Feature

Scheduling drivers is an essential part of running a well-oiled fleet of ready-mix trucks. Communicating start times with drivers using a “phone-in” system or paper sheets just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially with the advent of mobile technology. Everyone uses their phone to get information these days, and as a ready-mix driver, knowing your start time should be no different.

Using iStrada’s easy-to-use Digital Driver Call-Out feature, ready-mix dispatchers can send automated SMS text messages and/or emails to confirm a driver’s start time, plant location, and personalized task list with just a few clicks of a button!

Using iStrada, Sysdyne’s fully integrated solution for delivery management, concrete producers are able to simplify the way they schedule drivers; start times, plant location and add any personalized notes to ensure drivers are on time and on schedule to start the next work day. iStrada’s timekeeping comes FREE when you purchase iStrada GPS and paperless ticketing modules.

Digital driver call-out provides peace of mind for dispatchers to plan and organize their drivers’ schedule and deliveries, days in advance without the hassle of constantly checking phone in service messages or managing paper schedules. Email read receipts ensures everyone received their start times and know exactly where they need to be to start the next work day.

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