Reduce fleet maintenance costs and headaches using digital DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)

Fleet maintenance is costly and unpredictable. Using digital DVIR, ready mix producers can switch from being reactive to proactive with fleet maintenance, saving significant money on truck repairs while improving driver safety. Maintenance check lists on the driver’s DVIR App are fully customizable and reports can be easily accessed by maintenance crews anytime, anywhere using the online cloud based portal.

DVIR Video Tutorial

With use of iStrada’s Digital DVIR functionality, Ready-Mix fleet maintenance crews can easily identify problems before they happen which in turn will save significant time, money and resources. Drivers will simply fill out pre and post-trip forms directly on their mobile device using the iStrada App, it is that easy!

iStrada’s DVIR feature comes FREE when you purchase iStrada GPS and paperless ticketing modules.

Using the iStrada digital DVIR forms improves safety and reduces truck downtime and maintenance costs. Drivers simply fill out the DVIR by checking off inspected items using the App on their mobile device. The DVIR form pops up on the screen automatically after clocking-in as well as before being put out of service. Fleet managers and maintenance staff have access to the reports in real-time, providing strong improvements to the way they manage and maintain their fleets.

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