5 Benefits Of Using Digital Timekeeping For Ready Mix Producers

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How Can Digital Timekeeping Help You?

Many businesses have benefited from digital timekeeping for years, but many still rely on traditional paper timekeeping systems, either because they don’t understand the technology or because it’s how they’re used to doing things. 

Producers will save money by eliminating inaccurate clock-in and clock-out times with iStrada’s Digital Timekeeping Feature. With manual timekeeping, an employee might round up their clock-out time from 4:50pm to 5pm or cut their lunch break from 40 to 30 minutes. With iStrada, punch rounding is eliminated, ensuring employees are only paid for the time they actually work. As a bonus, you can also save money by reducing the number of hours managers, admins, and staff spends counting timecards and by decreasing the amount of time spent resolving data entry errors.

5 Benefits Of Using Digital Timekeeping

1) Maintain an honest work environment

Making the switch to an improved technology can reduce the chances of employees stealing time from traditional channels. In the US, 80 percent of employees’ timesheets are corrected by employers after they have submitted them. Employees claim that they can’t recall their hours when they forget to clock in and out, but some go through some more sneaky channels. 

The American Payroll Association (APA) reports that almost 77 percent of companies in the U.S. experience “time theft.”  Incorrectly recording their time is the most common way to pay someone for time they have not actually worked. 

Using iStrada, Concrete producers set a sufficient time limit for drivers to wash their truck, and complete the post-trip DVIR after the truck returns to the plant from the last delivery of the day. With the time limit set, should the driver forget to clock out, the iStrada platform will clock the driver out automatically when the time limit is reached.

Many employers are also faced with the problem of ‘buddy punching,’ where one employee punches in for another. It’s often as simple as one employee giving his swipe card to another, who then punches in on his behalf. 

This is not a possibility for companies that move the timekeeping process to the cloud. With iStrada, buddy punching is unreasonable; someone must be working as their daily activity is able to be reviewed. Tracking of extended breaks based on a specified length of time or distance, as well as assessing drivers’ routes can be done easily and efficiently. 

2) Convenience

Today’s time and attendance systems go well beyond being simply paperless. The real benefit of a cloud-based timekeeping system is the flexibility and simplicity; as we have incorporated mobile devices into almost every aspect of our lives, the clock in/out process is much more readily available. So why not allow staff to clock in and make adjustments on the fly using their own devices?

3) Easily Maintained

In addition to being convenient, cloud-based time tracking software is easier to maintain than traditional punch clock mechanisms. Since this data is being communicated via the cloud, there is no IT department needed to deploy/install updates or troubleshoot, and minimal time is spent to calculate and/or review employees’ hours.

4) Improved Accuracy

A business’s ability to run properly, especially in labor-management, is highly dependent upon accuracy. Federal and state laws regulate factors such as overtime pay, for instance, increasing the need for accurate shift reporting. When you’re using the traditional method, employee audits can be a nightmare of confusion and paper. This is made easier by digital technology.

5) Environmentally Friendly

Using a manual attendance system is more than just inconvenient; the cost of maintaining it is high, and we pollute the environment while doing so. Think about the amount of paper wasted in a given year, the amount of supplies purchased, and how much energy is spent repairing time clocks.

With iStrada, these problems are a thing of the past. Using an application, employees can access their time cards, cutting the materials used down to virtually zero. The world as a whole will benefit from a reduced carbon footprint.

Digital Timekeeping

You should consider what approach is best for your business when it comes to keeping track of your employees. There are so many benefits to using digital timekeeping that it is time to consider an implementation in your company.

Visit the iStrada product page to find out more about what it has to offer.


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