iStrada® Fully Integrated Concrete Delivery Management with VoIP

Traditional two-way radios are clunky and expensive – The new Communicator tool in the iStrada concrete delivery management platform is easy to use and install. It relies on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to allow dispatchers and drivers to communicate throughout the day by voice or text safely and securely.

Dispatchers can set up groups, create canned responses and allow drivers to communicate with each other directly using the iStrada App. It’s simple to use and comes FREE with iStrada!

For voice communication, the iStrada Communicator tool works like a phone. When a Dispatcher calls a Driver, the Driver pushes a button in the iStrada App just like answering a phone call, it’s that simple! Sending a text message is just as easy. Dispatchers can create a text or choose from a drop-down list of predefined messages and send using private or public channels.

By switching to the iStrada delivery management platform, Ready Mix producers can save significantly on communication hardware and software. By leveraging readily available technology on our phones and tablets, concrete dispatchers and drivers can continue to communicate throughout the day without disruption and at a fraction of the costs.

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