Do I have enough drivers for tomorrow? | Sysdyne BI Series – Operational Dashboard

With a quick glance at the operational dashboard, you’ll have your answer. Analytics by Sysdyne brings concrete producers the visibility of their operations by taking advantage of fully integrated dispatch and iStrada time and attendance features.

The operational dashboard shows orders placed for the next week along with the corresponding truck demand and driver availability for each day. You will know immediately if you have enough drivers available to cover your orders for tomorrow, the next day and the days after.

Considering many concrete producers have moved on to a Central Dispatching workflow, typically based in a single location, Dispatchers can filter the information displayed on the dashboard by Division or Plant, as seen necessary. All the basic information they will typically need is then laid out in an organized, user-friendly manner.

Good news to all Sysdyne ConcreteGO cloud dispatch customers: the operational dashboard is embedded on the Home page of ConcreteGO! All ConcreteGO customers can access this dashboard information free of charge.

Stay tuned for more information on the capabilities of Analytics by Sysdyne…

Full Dashboard Preview

(click to view full size)