Streamline Business Processes by Integrating ERP With Sysdyne Cloud Product Suite

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Streamline Business Processes by Integrating ERP With Sysdyne Cloud Product Suite

With over 40 plus years of servicing the ready-mix industry as a technology provider, we have witnessed the vast amount of resources and effort concrete suppliers devote to system integration. The benefit of fully integrated business platforms is obvious: it increases efficiency and reduces costs, boosts cash flow, and improves customer service. After all, it’s almost impossible to grow a business with outdated, disconnected, or manual-driven processes. However, it’s no easy task to integrate different technology platforms and have them speak together to automate the entire business process cycle, or is it? As some companies spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars integrating and maintaining multiple technological platforms, there exist elegant solutions to help streamline data workflow using the latest in technology. These standalone platforms include Concrete dispatch, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Resource Management) and payroll systems. Ready Mix producers face the daunting challenge of aligning raw material orders with production schedules, updating inventory in real-time, managing payrolls, and expediting the billing process while reducing potential invoice disputes. In fact, today’s senior management executives expect easier access to financial and business reports, based on real-time information to make important decisions.


Sysdyne’s development team uses the latest in cutting-edge technology
to ease the pain of integrating multiple vendor platforms.


Sysdyne is proud to help concrete producers, big or small, streamline their business processes while reducing the cost of integration. Our development team uses the latest technologies to ease the pain of integrating systems from different vendors. Our open API enables different software vendors and technology platforms to communicate and share information seamlessly. This creates huge value for the end-users who are no longer forced to purchase all their technology from a single source or vendor. Concrete suppliers can choose the best-of-breed technology that best meets their needs without worrying, will this work?

The integration between ERP and Sysdyne’s product suite, allows concrete producers to track material inventory in real-time and streamline payroll management. It also cuts invoicing time from days to minutes. Paperless tickets eliminate the cost of collecting and processing paper tickets. Accounts receivable can then easily access PDF versions of the tickets with a simple click of a button and attach them directly to the invoice.

The integration between systems allows concrete suppliers to break down inefficient work silos and become more agile in the way they manage and view information to make decisions. This means less time trying to consolidate data and more time taking advantage of real-time information to track, adjust and optimize operational performance. Faster, easier access to information from multiple sources reduces delays, improves decision-making capabilities, and allows producers to better project demand so they can deliver more with the same number of trucks. It also allows producers to keep their fingers on the pulse of their operations, from the time the order is taken to the time the invoice is emailed and collected from the customer.

Consequently, automating data movement between dispatch and ERP systems increases the company’s ability to gather precious insight into their operation’s performance and company’s profitability. By gathering information from dispatch and streamlining it into their ERP, it offers owners and operators the ability to track everything from wait times, driver utilization, and a host of other KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that directly affect the bottom line. Consequently, productivity is improved and billing processes are simplified by leveraging the best that both dispatch and ERP platforms have to offer. By exploiting the unique features embedded in each system, producers are guaranteed strong results. Ready Mix dispatch will continue to do what it does best, allowing producers to optimize scheduling, ordering, and fleet performance. By combining the unique features of a proven ERP system to handle billing, AR, and accounting, producers are able to take full advantage of the specialized toolsets from each platform to drive profits higher.

Sysdyne has made it easier and less costly to integrate specialized software for concrete operations with ERP systems. These integrations allow ready-mix producers to gain significant efficiency and better insights to manage their business more effectively. The days of disparate systems not being able to communicate are gone. New integration technology is allowing our industry to break free from single vendor reliance and is paving a way into the 21st century.


About Sysdyne

Sysdyne is the only fully interoperable cloud-native software platform purpose built for ready-mix concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management, billing and analytics (BI). Sysdyne’s innovative cloud batch, cloud dispatch, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration applications help concrete producers run more efficiently and profitably. Sysdyne is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with full product suite US based support servicing customers around the world.

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Our fully integrated products cover the entire spectrum of concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management and billing. The innovative dispatch, batch control, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration platform, help concrete producers worldwide run more efficiently and profitably.

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