7 Reasons to Switch to Digital Concrete Workflows

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7 Reasons to Switch to Digital Concrete Workflows

As the uncertainty and complexities associated with concrete production and delivery increase day by day, the need for digital transformation is compelling ready mix producers to take action.

In fact, digitalization in the concrete industry is long overdue, and the pandemic has proved to be a powerful driving force towards this step. Ready mix cloud technology is proving to be a vehicle of change in the current time where the need for real-time collaboration is paramount.

1. Reducing Uncertainty To Achieve Project Objectives

Lack of clarity can hinder the progress of a project, and confusion can obstruct your overall objectives. Concrete Production technology promotes collaboration and allows stakeholders to reduce uncertainty. With solutions to improve communication with customers as well as simplify and enhance dispatch, batch and delivery management processes, going digital can streamline your business processes.

Besides, a concrete-specific platform with intelligent and unique capabilities that are continually enhanced can handle growing complexities as and when they arise. Future-proofing the enterprise requires bold moves such as switching to software solutions that will reap more benefits in the long run.

2. Customer-Centricity & Branding

Ready Mix brands that utilize technology will be better positioned to deliver quality concrete, superior service, and reliability. The ability to track delivery progress, for example, may encourage customers to become accustomed to the process and rely on producers that offer it, thus increasing their chances of returning. Hence, a shift toward digital transformation can reap significant returns.

3. Better Workflow & Document Tracking

Concrete producers that will thrive amidst competition are likely to be those that can reduce inefficiencies, streamline processes and improve workflows. By going digital, producers can integrate data and do away with data silos, to bring in the much-needed visibility in the process.

Furthermore, construction businesses implement automation and integrated data platforms will save significant time and increase ROI. Whether you need assistance with quoting, dispatching, batching, delivery management or invoicing/AR, concrete technology is equipped to handle all of your needs in the future.

4. Automating Manual Tasks To Increase Productivity

To stay competitive, you should go the digital route. By automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, you can leverage your company to become more efficient. Production companies that are willing to free up the time of their key employees in order to maximize their effectiveness will survive. Employees will be more engaged and will have more time to focus on high value tasks as a result of digitalization.

5. Improve Communication & Real-time Collaboration

With the help of digital technologies, you can keep all stakeholders informed in real-time, and monitor production and delivery progress to ensure it gets completed within the deadline.

Cloud-based production software will continue to dominate the scene in 2022, allowing producers to communicate, access data and production software anytime, anywhere. As cloud technology centralizes communication and allows customers to connect regardless of geographical constraints, producers that switch to cloud-based systems will reap the benefits.

6. Streamline Business & Operations

In 2022, Sysdyne will continue to help you streamline your business operations. Because the unexpected coronavirus is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, ERPs, robotics, and automated workflow tools will be used heavily. By deploying tech-driven tools, Ready Mix Producers can streamline their operations and quickly adapt to embrace the next normal. Digital transformation is likely to improve the bottom line and help with customer retention in uncertain times.

7. Shift to Cloud Technologies Specific to Ready Mix Concrete

Cloud computing is an established enabler of innovation. Ready Mix Producers that are committed to broadening the use of cloud computing will benefit from increased resource efficiency. Additionally, this step will meet the massive document storage needs and data will be stored securely. Further, the data can be retrieved with no time or space restrictions.

The ‘Next Normal’

In order to embrace the “next normal,” concrete producers must adopt digital operations. As a result of digitization, ready mix producers can optimize workflows and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Going digital is the only way to eliminate inefficient processes that detract from the productivity of the industry due to poor communication and inaccurate project data. By leveraging concrete cloud technology, one can seize the incredible financial opportunities that 2022 will usher in, as cost savings can no longer be ignored.

To create a competitive edge and value, companies that familiarize themselves with the next normal will successfully ride the wave. The benefits of digital transformation in the ready mix concrete industry are many, and producers must adopt a proactive approach. The size of the prize is enormous, and only producers can decide where they want to play and how they want to act as we approach 2022.


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