5 Key Benefits of Cloud in the Concrete Industry

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5 Key Benefits of Cloud in the Concrete Industry

While many industries are transforming and adapting to advanced technologies, the project-centric and relationship-based construction industry is one of the least digitized. Sometimes, such as while expecting a concrete delivery, a situation occurs in which the workers on site need real-time information, but it’s not available to them. This leads to a waste of time, money, resources, and as a result, project delays. A company’s reputation may get tarnished, due to these project delays.

To avoid all of these unfortunate possibilities, there must be a solution that can handle these tasks and provides employees access to data remotely without being tied to a specific physical location. In this case, being fully accessible from any device (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.) and accessible from anywhere, anytime, cloud-native technology is the answer. 

In the Concrete industry, there are different types of entities that are essential for a project such as Batch Operators, Dispatchers, Drivers, Delivery Managers, and Operations Managers. To accomplish their tasks, these guys depend on each other and work together. Using cloud technology, concrete producers can properly manage communication with their employees as well as their clients, equipment/asset management, order/ticket management, along with field service. The cloud-based system offers real-time management, remote access, and unlimited storage. Furthermore, the system provides employees with updated data and information which can be uploaded from any device. Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing cloud computing in the concrete industry:

  1. Connecting employees with other in-house staff
  2. For performing their business operations, many organizations utilize a centralized office system – This is not the case with Concrete Producers. While producers offer offices for business operations such as administration, billing, and payroll, lots of their activity happens outdoors. With the cloud-based system, drivers can access their phone, email and work files via smartphones and tablets to update the delivery status report as well as ask any pertinent questions to appropriate staff. 


  3. Access to Unlimited Data storage
  4. Concrete Producers need data storage to save their employee information, customer information, order history, tickets, and more. To store all of this data, companies utilize physical storage devices such as hard drives and paper files – These forms of storage can easily be stolen, damaged, or lost. In contrast, with cloud storage, data is secure and accessible from anywhere. Cloud storage space allows employees to back up their data and sync all of their data with the other devices. While this may increase cloud storage costs, it is still significantly cheaper than maintaining the data locally on hard drives or files.


  5. Strengthening bonds with Client
  6. Since Concrete Producers always collaborate with other companies whom request the concrete, utilizing the cloud saves lots of time from emailing attachments back and forth. Along with that, the cloud allows companies to store and access all information about a client’s project whenever they need it. While communicating with a client, Concrete Producers can easily pull up their information to then quickly and easily find any relevant documents. The easy management of their delivery allows the Producer an opportunity to build a relationship with the client.


  7. Easy customization of the cloud system
  8. Every concrete producer uses a different strategy to perform its business operations. Concrete Producers can make personalized data storage and management system according to their business goals. Therefore, cloud management provides Producers with all the services required for managing their tasks. As a result, Producers can focus on their core business operations without having to worry about managing their IT infrastructure.


  9. Providing Competitive Edge to Small Companies
  10. As a small Concrete Producer, it can be difficult to compete with the giants, but the cloud provides a competitive edge to small Concrete Producers. Cloud-native technology gives the little guys the chance to be on an enterprise-level of data storage, access, management, and recovery at a fraction of the cost that enterprises are spending. Small producers use strategy and utilize the cloud which is suitable to them. Furthermore, the cloud pay-per-use feature allows small companies to pay for the services and resources they use. Cloud services which are provided to the larger Producers are the same services given to small companies. This enables healthy competition between small and large firms.


The Concrete industry has many tools at its disposal to operate more efficiently. With cloud-native software, Producers can operate more quickly and accurately, with data available at their fingertips anywhere at any time. Moreover, cloud technology helps reduce costs, enhance client relationships and completely customize their data without extra complication.

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