The future of Concrete Batching – Welcome to Cloud Batch!

The world’s first cloud-based batching system sets a new standard in excellence and performance. Feel the power of cloud computing as Sysdyne takes concrete batching to the cloud with enhanced accessibility and flexibility. The key is the unique ability to control the concrete batching process in real-time, creating tremendous value and savings for ready mix concrete producers. Users can simply log in using any device connected to the internet to monitor and adjust any load of concrete easily and securely. Predictive maintenance to lower downtime, real-time inventory to save material costs, and a unified database (dispatch and batching) to power advanced analytics for decision-makers, all at the end of your fingertips.

Cloud Batch

Begin working with the world’s FIRST cloud-based batching system.

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Cloud Batch
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Add Value By:

• Reduce material costs using real time inventory control to monitor and consolidate material consumption
• Decrease plant downtime and increase productivity using online predictive maintenance tools and remote sensors
• Gain better visibility into business performance by leveraging a single unified database to produce better results
• Easy to use at a lower cost, manage remote plants more effectively and securely using the power of the cloud

Cloud Batch Features

Easy access using any internet enabled device

Users simply log into Cloud batch using a browser to closely monitor and make adjustments at the plant in real time, as it happens

Real-Time Inventory

Monitor material usage in real time while consolidating inventory to save material costs and improve production efficiency

Predictive maintenance

Remote sensors on the batch plant can identify performance issues at the earliest stages and repair the equipment before it breaks down and triggers production downtime

Unified database

Consolidating both batching and dispatching into a single database, offers unlimited possibilities to create better business insights and increase profits

Open API

Cloud batch's architecture is fully open to create better integrations between systems and databases - Leverage third party data to get a more complete operating picture

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What if I lose internet connection?

Cloud batch has an automatic switch-over so batch operators can continue to batch without losing any time or data

Is the hardware for Cloud Batch any different than a regular batch system? 

The mechanical components include using the latest PAC platform with increased processing power. The main difference is that on the software side, you can access Cloud batch anytime, anywhere using any device.

Is Cloud Batch more expensive?

The fact that cloud batch is a SaaS (software as a service), users have the added flexibility to pay a subscription service fee and avoid large up-front capital expenditures.

How does the unified database between dispatch and batch work?

Consolidating batch and dispatch data offers the tremendous opportunity to mash up data and create valuable business insights to improve predictability and profitability.

What type of maintenance is required for Cloud Batch?

None – the program is hosted on AWS as a service and regularly backed up to offer a seamless turn-key experience to Ready-Mix Producers.