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Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is produced at a ready-mix concrete plant, loaded onto a ready-mix concrete truck and delivered to your job-site. The ready-mix concrete trucks do all the work of mixing the concrete so all you have to do is place the concrete. Concrete in its simplest form is made of cement, sand, water and stone. Mixing these ingredients by hand or with a portable concrete mixer is very labor intense, time consuming, and produces a lower quality concrete when compared to ready-mix concrete. Ready-mixed concrete is ordered by the cubic yard or cubic meter. Most concrete trucks can haul 10 cubic yards of concrete. Ready-mix concrete is made using a mix design that weighs each ingredient precisely to achieve a very strong, durable concrete mix.

Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

There are many ready-mix concrete suppliers around the country. All the major cities have multiple ready-mix suppliers that you can call and most towns have a ready-mix supplier within an hour from where you live. You can find the closest concrete ready-mix supplier to you using Google or your local yellow pages. Once you’ve located your local ready-mix company, give them a call and tell them the size of your project, length, width, and thickness, and the ready-mix batch plant operator will figure how much ready-mix concrete you need to complete your job. It’s better to give the ready-mix concrete company a few days or even a week notice before you need the concrete. You’ll have a better chance of getting the concrete delivered during the time of day you want it there versus when they can squeeze you in their schedule.

Ready-Mix Concrete Price

Unless your project is really small, using ready-mix concrete is recommended. Ready-mix concrete prices will vary depending on the concrete mix design you order. Here is an example price of ready-mix concrete per cubic yard that may be paid for some popular concrete mix designs. These prices include air-entraining and a water-reducing admixture.
2500 psi 3/4-inch stone concrete mix $90.00 dollars per cubic yard
3000 psi 3/4-inch stone concrete mix $95.00 dollars per cubic yard
3500 psi 3/4-inch stone concrete mix $97.00 dollars per cubic yard
4000 psi 3/4-inch stone concrete mix $99.00 dollars per cubic yard


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About Sysdyne

Sysdyne is the only fully interoperable cloud-native software platform purpose built for ready-mix concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management, billing and analytics (BI). Sysdyne’s innovative cloud batch, cloud dispatch, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration applications help concrete producers run more efficiently and profitably. Sysdyne is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with full product suite US based support servicing customers around the world.

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Our fully integrated products cover the entire spectrum of concrete operations; from sales, to production, to delivery management and billing. The innovative dispatch, batch control, delivery tracking, paperless ticketing, and customer collaboration platform, help concrete producers worldwide run more efficiently and profitably.

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