CloudBatch Saves Costs Using Real-Time Inventory

A Blog by Henry Lee

Henry Lee started working in the ready-mix industry back in 1996. He began as a field service engineer, installing batching systems across the different continents, and then moved into sales. With his engineering background and years spent in the service department helping customers, Henry knows what customers in the ready-mix industry need and expect.

The Evolution of Technology

Over the past 25 years, I had the opportunity to visit ready-mix operations in over 45 different countries. I have seen technology evolve at a rapid speed, with some countries adopting faster than others. The same can be said for ready-mix producers – some have embraced technology faster than others for various reasons.

“The enhanced ability of CloudBatch to control the concrete batching process in real-time creates tremendous value and savings.”

– Henry Lee, Sysdyne Technologies

Technology has evolved from DOS operating systems to Windows, from dial-up modems to high-speed internet, from on-premise servers that can fill out a whole room to servers about the size of a normal CPU, from software installed on a local server to cloud-based solutions. However, even with the rapid acceleration of technology, the ready-mix industry faces one common problem and that is how to better manage material inventory (How to have real-time and accurate inventory control? How to have good inventory control to prevent the plants from running out of materials without overstocking?)

“Users can simply log in using any internet-connected device to monitor and adjust any load of concrete both easily and securely.”

– Henry Lee, Sysdyne Technologies

CloudBatch can offer predictive maintenance interoperability with sensors to lower plant downtime. Users can manage mixes, constituents, customers, projects, orders, and tickets all in one place using a single powerful database for dispatch and batching to power advanced analytics that help decision-makers take action to improve their bottom line.

Real-Time Inventory

Most of the batch control use interface technology designed over 20 years ago have had very minor improvements during this period.

“This technology has prevented real-time access to valuable information in the batching system, including manual material consumption and incoming material receipt. Sysdyne understood the problem and wanted to help the industry to overcome this problem, hence the creation of CloudBatch.”

– Henry Lee, Sysdyne Technologies

We knew if we could bring cloud technology to the batching system would resolve this problem, but we needed to overcome the roadblocks of delivering a reliable CloudBatch solution that can work in all kinds of environments. I am extremely excited to say after years of R&D time, Sysdyne was able to overcome all the roadblocks to bring this project to the finish line. CloudBatch is the first batching system based on cloud technology, and it is the first system allowing users to connect from anywhere at any time without the need of VPN or remote desktop applications. CloudBatch gives you total control of your raw materials in real-time. Inventory is automatically updated as batch operators record material receipts and load concrete.


The evolution of the traditional batching system has been stunted by limiting access to the valuable data that resides within the system. The future of batching demands opens API access to database tables, easier access via a cloud connection, and a powerful database to track performance.

“CloudBatch is revolutionizing the way we batch concrete. Soon, I can see complete process automation on incoming material.”

– Henry Lee, Sysdyne Technologies

For example, using our CloudBatch API, raw material suppliers can send an eTicket of the delivery to the batching system and once the delivery truck traverses the destination plant geofence it will automatically register that delivery. Resolving inventory problems is just the tip of the iceberg of what CloudBatch can offer. I also see concrete producers in the future incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) to help with plant performance, plant predictive maintenance, and tracking worker behavior. The future of technology in the Concrete Ready-Mix industry is very exciting and I couldn’t be happier being part of such a great team who really do want to make a difference and push our industry forward.