Manage Your Concrete Fleet With Confidence Using iStrada

The new iStrada Division Feature gives concrete producers the added flexibility to manage their fleet more effectively

iStrada is a feature-rich concrete delivery management system specifically designed for Concrete Ready-Mix producers. Strada offers GPS/Truck Tracking, turn-by-turn Navigation, Timekeeping, DVIR, Paperless Ticketing, Digital Timekeeping, Customer Portal, Online KPI Dashboards, and much more. iStrada is a fully integrated with ConcreteGO® Cloud dispatch and Pioneer® Cloud batch or can be used as a standalone solution.

iStrada Concrete Delivery Management

The NEW Division Feature in iStrada

Managing and operating multi-plant concrete divisions can be tricky. In some cases, concrete operations within the same company operate as distinct entities under the same title/brand or a separate title/sub-brand. This can create problems in terms of using the proper logo on tickets to more complex disparities in the way each operation runs their own business.

Using the iStrada concrete delivery management system and the new Division feature, multi-plant concrete companies can implement any variation of the hierarchical structure easily and effectively. Each plant can be assigned to multiple divisions/regions which can support any organizational management structure.


Each user is assigned to a division with predetermined access rights to ensure users can only see what they should see. The division structure is a key component for the user permission control of all the resources including customer, project, order, ticket, truck, and employee.

System configurations are set up on the division level, including ticket format, company logos, and timekeeping settings. This gives added flexibility to large concrete producers who operate under multiple sub-companies or under multiple divisions with their own set of management rules, regulations, and branding.