November 21, 2023

World of Concrete 2024 Is Just Two Months Away

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October 17, 2023

Next Level Integration Between Sysdyne Technologies and VERIFI® Now Live

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Access to Paperless Tickets

Now available on the iStradaView platform to all Sysdyne and non-Sysdyne customers, contractors, inspectors, and project owners. Everyone has the ability to view, email, and download tickets as PDFs, track job performance using the dashboard and confirm delivery using their mobile devices. Stakeholders can get order fulfillment updates and gain business insights in real-time using the mobile dashboard.

iStradaView is an online collaboration platform available to all Sysdyne and non-Sysdyne customers. Producers, contractors, project owners, and inspectors are able to share data and communicate in real-time. Project stakeholders have the ability to view, email, and download tickets as PDFs, track job performance using dashboards, and confirm deliveries using their PCs or mobile devices. We are committed to "democratizing" data. To improve our industry's ability to leverage information and make better decisions based on the most reliable, up-to-date information.

Add Value By:

• Reducing costs by digitizing the entire ticketing process
• Improving access to information using online collaboration tools
• Creating a competitive edge by offering added value services
• Analyzing job performance and KPI’s using mobile dashboards
• Saving time, resources and money managing information

iStradaView Features


View, Email And Download Tickets

Contractors and DOT inspectors will have easy access to paperless tickets online, with the ability to view, email, and download PDF tickets directly.


iStradaView® provides a dynamic mobile dashboard with key performance indicators that display yardage ordered, delivered, and poured, along with detailed order information.

Accept or Reject Loads

Users can easily Accept or Reject loads from the tickets list and the order detail level of the dashboard. Once a user selects the accept (checkmark) or Reject (red x) option, a window will pop up allowing users to enter their choice. When Accept is chosen you can enter Signed By and Signature. When Reject is chosen you can enter a Reject Reason and then Signed By and Signature

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Our goal is to transform the industry with the latest technology and provide unparalleled customer service. We know what it takes to earn the trust of our clients and we are committed to keeping that trust.
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What Iowa DOT says about iStrada:

"We have used e-ticketing in a number of pilot programs, and have experienced increased efficiency and safety in these projects. Our inspectors can document on their tablets and not worry about paper tickets blowing away. They can see when a truck is assigned to their project and check actual batch weights before the truck arrives at the job site. It is clear that relying on paper tickets will soon be outdated."
Iowa Department of Transportation

Cloud-Native Suite of Solutions

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