Release Notes | Sysdyne Analytics

Mix Design Report with Cost details – 06/30/22

The Mix Design Report lists all mix designs with the detailed cost for each mix. The report can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file. The report can be accessed in ConcreteGO > Reports > BI Reports.

Operational Dashboard – 06/23/22

The operational dashboard appears on the Home page after logging in to ConcreteGO. It provides a snapshot of the current operational status for that day, the outlook of all orders for the upcoming days, and the number of drivers and material quantity needed to fulfill those orders.

The dashboard header displays today’s Date and any New Notices Today.  Clicking New Notices Today will bring Users to the notices page which includes the Sysdyne support schedule, tenant notices (any internal company notices [ex. REMINDER: All plants are to shut down at 4pm today],) system notices (any notices posted by Sysdyne Team including [1] ConcreteGO and iStrada new feature release notes [2] Any updates that require User attention [3] System maintenance notice,) and license expiration notices (User license is about to expire and must be renewed.)

We strongly recommend Users to pay attention to the notices and view the notices page by clicking ‘New Notices Today’ whenever a number greater than ‘0’ appears. To return to the operational dashboard, click ‘Home’ at the top of the page

The data presented on the dashboard can be filtered by division and by plant. The data presented can also be determined by User Account privilege settings.

The infographic above displays the total yardage ordered and yardage ticketed. It also displays the 7 day outlook of orders. The order outlook color codes are consistent with the order status color codes in ConcreteGO;  Blue indicates orders, yellow indicates Will Call orders, etc.

The chart above is in sync with the ‘Quantity ordered’ chart above it. It specifies the number of drivers required to fulfill the current orders for the upcoming days. It also presents the drivers available for those days. 

Drivers Available = Drivers on the Clock exclude 8+ hour PTO and UTO.

Truck Demand = Total trucks required based on the order outlook.

Cement Requirement (Daily)

The tonnage of cement required to fulfill the orders for each day of the upcoming 5 days. 

Cement Requirement (Hourly)

This chart displays the cement required to fulfill current orders by the hour. The default is for today, but a different day can be viewed to check the hourly cement demand based on current orders placed for that day. 

Quantity Ordered by Status

This pie chart displays the total orders received today, categorized by the percentage of normal orders, will call orders, orders completed, and orders on hold.

Top Plants

This simple column chart ranks plants based on the yardage ordered at each.

Delivery Cycle Performance

This chart compares the delivery performance today with the average delivery performance in the past four weeks. It compares today’s average total time of each delivery, and the time spent at each truck status.


Click to view full size dashboard:

Material Demand Dashboard – 06/16/22

This can be accessed on ConcreteGO > Reports > Material Demand.

The following Dashboard illustrates hourly Material Demand and real-time (within 30 min) inventory levels built with the data generated in ConcreteGO Cloud Dispatch and Cloud Batch solutions. By clicking on the bottom two tabs, users will access the referenced Material Demand Dashboard of their operation.

The dashboard includes two parts:

1) Inventory Balances

This dashboard shows you
• Inventory Balances(TN)
Upon refreshing the browser, actual inventory balances of each individual material will be displayed along with the time stamp. You can filter the data by selecting the plant or group of plants and the type of material.
• Hourly Stock Levels (TN)
The hourly stock levels show the inventory level of each type of material at the location of choice in real time (within 0.5 hours). The chart reflects the real inventory change as you load more trucks during the day and taking some material deliveries at the same time.
We color code the inventory levels so you can easily spot the plant and materials you might need to pay attention to.
This dashboard shows you the hourly inventory level of the type of material and the plant. The data accuracy is within 30 minutes.

2) Material Bemand
By selecting the plant, specific material and date, this dashboard shows you:
• Constituent Requirement (TN)
• Material quantity needed for all the orders placed at the plant
• Capacity (TN)
• The storage capacity for the material.
• On Hand (TN)
• The inventory of the material at the time of browser refresh. This number changes in real time (within 0.5 hours)
• Material Demand
• The material needed by the hour considering the orders and the inventory.
• The projected Inventory v.s. Minimum Inventory
• The projected inventory is based up the orders for the plant and the inventory level at the time. The minimum inventory is a setup from Cloud batch.
• On Hand v.s. Capacity

Notice: in order to fully leverage the value and benefits of this Dashboard, Cloud Batch is required.