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Sprint 32 – Close 04/18/2022

IST-2152 | FD 10045 – Configurable option to not require Drivers to press ‘Pouring’ status

Features Added

SUMMARY: Previously the iStrada Dashboard showed Totals from NON Mix Items (like Blocks or Aggregate Items) from ConcreteGO or dispatch systems. Some producers include NON mix transactions from dispatch which caused totals to be confusing and not accurate. The change applied will only display price units of m, m3, /y, cy, yd, yd3, otherwise it will not be included in the Dashboard.

Example of Dashboard with Change applied:

Details: The dashboard data aggregations are based on the Order Products Schedules (+ related data) and Tickets data.
Schedules contain information about the plant (used for permission rules) and quantity. A product related to the schedule includes information about the unit.
Schedules are used to calculate qty ordered, and tickets are used to calculate qty loaded/delivered.

The logic in CG and iStrada assumes that each order needs to have at least one mix product item (and schedule).

Customers also use the orders to handle non-mix items by entering non-mix items as mix items.

Technically, it is not possible to recognize reliably if the ordered product is a non-mix item.

Beacuse of that schedules are filtered by the related product price unit. Tickets are filtered by the unit related to the mix item product from the ticket product list.

If a unit of the scheduled product/ticket is NOT one of the following: /m, m3, /y, cy, yd, yd3, it will not be included in the data aggregation/computations.

Units capitalization does not matter. CY and cy will be treated the same way.

A product that should be included in the aggregation must contain information about the unit, otherwise, the dashboard data will be incorrect/corrupted.

IST-2152 | FD 10045 – Configurable option to not require Drivers to press ‘Pouring’ status


SUMMARY: Added logic for sites to not require iStrada Driver App users to press “Pouring” status. Previously, “Pouring” status was required to trigger next status “To Plant”. This option allows Driver App to transition from “On Job” to “To Plant” without pressing “Pouring” for accurate status when Driver leaves Jobsite GeoFence.

Steps to enable this feature

  1. In iStrada Web Portal, Go to Settings > Company > iStrada Driver App
  2. In they iStrada Driver app form click Edit button
  3. Disable (unselect) Option “Pouring” status required then click SAVE (NOTE: Selecting option Requires Pouring Status to Trigger “To Plant” When leaving jobsite GeoFence)

    Note: Once this option is unselected Driver has option to Press Pouring or NOT press pouring to trigger “To Plant” when leaving jobsite geofence