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Sprint 32 – Close 04/18/2022

IST-2152 | FD 10045 – Configurable option to not require Drivers to press ‘Pouring’ status


SUMMARY: Added logic for sites to not require iStrada Driver App users to press “Pouring” status. Previously, “Pouring” status was required to trigger next status “To Plant”. This option allows Driver App to transition from “On Job” to “To Plant” without pressing “Pouring” for accurate status when Driver leaves Jobsite GeoFence.

Steps to enable this feature

  1. In iStrada Web Portal, Go to Settings > Company > iStrada Driver App
  2. In they iStrada Driver app form click Edit button
  3. Disable (unselect) Option “Pouring” status required then click SAVE (NOTE: Selecting option Requires Pouring Status to Trigger “To Plant” When leaving jobsite GeoFence)

    Note: Once this option is unselected Driver has option to Press Pouring or NOT press pouring to trigger “To Plant” when leaving jobsite geofence