Release Notes | ConcreteGO

Sprint 42 – Closed 09/13/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-1926 | 12771 CG > Order Audit Log shows incorrect Payment Form.

SUMMARY: Previously when a Payment Form on an order was changed, the Order Audit Log was not showing the correct new Payment Form. Fix put in place to pull in the new Payment Form correctly on the Order Audit Log.
If the Payment form was changed to Cash > before the fix Audit Log would show Credit Card

After the fix > all changes to the Payment Form are correct on the Order Audit Log

Sprint 41 – Closed 08/30/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-2034 | 12962 CG > Items > Setup > Price Categories > get error the Price Category already exists.

SUMMARY: Previously if a Price Category was removed, user could not add this Price Category back, and would get an error that it already exists. Fix put in place to completely remove the Price Category from the database to allow adding it back if needed.

Sprint 40 – Closed 08/16/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-1872 | 10797 CG > Hauler Code and Hauler Name not populating on Ticket.

SUMMARY: Previously the Hauler Code and Hauler Name were not populating on the Ticket. Fix was put in place for Hauler Information to flow to the ticket.

Features Added

CON-1838 Add Quick Access Navigator to the Priced Orders Report

SUMMARY: Previously User would need to scroll through numerous pages to find the correct Order. The Quick Access Navigator will remain in the top right of the Priced Order Report to allow searching for Order number, previous Order and Next Order.

Sprint 39 – Closed 08/01/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-1885 | 12678 CG > Item > Mix Manager > Mix Submittal button gives error.

SUMMARY: Clicking the Mix Submittal button previously caused an error. Fix deployed to allow Mix Submittal with no errors.

Sprint 38 – Closed 07/12/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-1681 | 11515 | 11301 CG > Dispatch > Tracking > Order Entry > Items disappearing from saved orders.

SUMMARY: After ticketing an order, all items on the order EXCEPT the mix were removed from the order. Additional logging was put in place to identify and correct the issue. Items no longer disappear from saved orders.

CON-1820 | 11709 CG > Items > Mix Design copy does not copy admix dosages.

SUMMARY: Copying a Mix Design would cause the Dosage Qty to blank out. After tabbing through the blank Dos Qty field, the Quantity would be removed. Fix applied to prevent Dosage Qty and Quantity fields from being blanked out.
Copy of Mix Design before fix:

Copy of Mix Design after fix:

CON-1858 | 12559 CG > CG > Orders > COD Calculator > Extended Price and Delivered Price are not equal.

SUMMARY: Tax rounding takes place at the ticket level. Fix applied to correct the rounding issue.

Sprint 37 – Closed 06/28/2022

No Bug Fixes or NFR’s

Sprint 36 – Closed 06/14/2022

Bug Fixes

CON-1814 | 12399 Order Entry > Item Price does not re-validate price when user enters Project *After Item is entered

SUMMARY: Previously on Order Entry form when user entered an Item then entered a Project, the price did not re-validate to check Project for Project Pricing. A check was added *if user enters Project after entering an Item on Order Entry form to check Project and apply Project price to order.

CON-1804 | FD 12366 Quote > Products > Escalation Date *when setting date and saving DATE goes back 1 day.

SUMMARY: If User goes to Quote > Products and sets Escalation Date and clicks Save. The entered date does not save properly and previous date is saved. Fix applied to keep the entered date on Quote > Products > “Escalation Date” field.
Example of form fixed:

CON-1803 | FD 12057 CG > Ticketing > Selecting truck and clicking ok will not save

SUMMARY: Issue on Order Entry form, when user R clicked Order and selected Ticket Order. The Ticket form opens with NO Truck. User clicks Truck Lookup box, selects Truck and clicks OK *the Truck did not populate into OE form. Fix was added when truck was selected and OK clicked the truck now saves into Ticket form as expected

CON-1778 – CG Items > Item Setup > Price Category > Deleting Price Category would not remove from Item > Pricing form pick list.

SUMMARY: Previously if users removed a Price Category the system the system saved the deleted Price Category(Soft Delete) however the item remained in dropdown in UI on the Item > Locations > Pricing form. This fix prevents the removed Price Category from UI so user has accurate list to choose from.
Example of form fixed

Features Added

CON-1777 Add Label to Delivery Address fields

SUMMARY: Previously ConcreteGO Order Entry field had 3 Delivery Address fields with NO Labels. Users could enter addresses using any field which caused inconsistency with Order Entry Address information. This led to mapping and GPS issues. This change labeled each field “Street,” “City,” “State/Zip” which clarified Address Entry information and improve Job Site mapping.

Example of change

CON-1642 | FD 11013 NFR Order Entry > COD Calculator Improvement > Add Delivered totals and Add new section to form for Payment details

SUMMARY: Previously COD Orders (Accounts with Credit Code with “Credit Type” Cash Only or Charge or Cash) had a COD Button to display ORDER Price based on Ordered QTY. This change added a NEW Column “Delivered” which updates the Price based on Delivered (Ticketed) QTY. Additionally a new part of form was added to capture COD payment details. The fields include “Payment form,” “Payment Amount,” “Check Number,” “Credit Card last 4,” “Expiration Date,” “Authorization Date,” “Account Bank”

Example of NEW Form

Sprint 35 – Closed 05/31/2022
CON-1738 | FD 10848 NFR >CG > Tracking Screen > Truck Icon > Have truck icon change on break AND not drop off order if in Ticketed Status.

SUMMARY: Previously if Producers allowed their Drivers to take breaks using the iStrada Driver App (with a Ticket assigned), the Truck would drop the order, causing disruptions to order tracking. This change added logic – if a Producer allows breaks while in the Ticketed Status, when a Driver presses the ‘break’ button on the iStrada Driver App, the Truck stays on the Order assigned to them when going on a break. Additionally, a new Truck icon will appear on the Tracking Screen with a break applied from Driver App. This visually indicates Drivers that pressed the break button from the iStrada Driver App on the ConcreteGO tracking screen.
Break Setting in iStrada Settings> Company > Timekeeping

Driver App Break Button turns red while on break

Truck Icon with NEW Break indicator


CON-1735 | FD 11921 CG Project > Products Mix Slumps do NOT flow to Order Entry form as expected

SUMMARY: Request was made if Project or Customer MIX Product did not have Edit form “Slump” Field populated then add logic to check Item record and use this slump value to default to Order Entry form. The change was made to check Project or Customer Products > Mix Items for Slump value. *if the value is populated this WILL flow-thru Order Entry *If Not system will check Item Code Slump Value on Mix Design Tab and default this value to Order Entry.
Slump Field Logic change

Bug Fixes

CON-1735 | FD 11921 ConcreteGO > Order Entry > Other tab > Ordered By field did not provide Smart Lookup as expected

SUMMARY: ConcreteGO Order Entry has a feature in Order Entry > Other Tab the “Ordered By” field has a built in smart lookup that pulls Names from Contact list on Customer record. When Customer page was re-done the SmartLookup no longer worked as expected.

CON-1768 | FD 11129 ConcreteGO > Items > Price Manager Update – Item Level Updated prices “effective date” one day off

CON-1367 | FD 8571 When creating Projects from Quotes, Projects NOT automatically creating in iStrada.

SUMMARY: Previously when user created a Project from a Quote in ConcreteGO the Project would NOT automatically Sync to iStrada, until user manaully SAVED project in ConcreteGO. This has been fixed and now Projects created from Quotes sync to iStrada as expected

Sprint 34 – Closed 05/17/2022
CON-1718 | FD 11437 NFR > CG > Invoice > Invoice Review > Add Filter Reviewed | Not Reviewed

Feature Added

SUMMARY: A new Report Filter was added under Invoice > Edit Orders and Tickets to “All”,”Reviewed”, or “Non-Reviewed” Orders and Tickets

CON-1677 | FD10752 ConcreteGO > CG > Quotes > NFR Add logic to Default Item Price to Quote (Same logic as Config > Customer option)

SUMMARY: From Configuration > Customer > a new option has been added for “Default Quote Item Price from Customer/Item Price. The same functionality applies here as with the “Default Project Item Price from Customer/Item Price”

Now, when adding Products to a Quote, when “Default Quote Item Price from Customer/Item Price” is turned ON > the item price will come from the Customer or Item based on the Pricing Plant and Price Category.

NOTE: this feature is only for Mix Products


CON-1736 | 10721 Quote & Project >Product->Extra Product->Item Code search pop up window expand bigger

SUMMARY: From Project > Products > Extra Products tab and Quote > Products > Extra Products tab. When detailing on the menu for the item the pop up screen has been enlarged

Before the improvement, the pop up form size was too small

Bug Fixes

CON-1765 | FD 12178 CG > Tracking > When changing the returning plant to a different location the returning plant reverts to original plant at every status change

SUMMARY: Bug introduced on Tracking Screen when user R clicked truck and changed To Plant (Change Return plant to a different Plant truck was ticketed from) “To Plant” reverted Back to original Ticketed Plant on next status change. Fix returned logic for “To Plant” to help re-direct truck to a different return plant than ticketed plant. Note Additional Bug Fix prevented form from Freezing when opening form a 2nd time to check change. (Con -1766)

CON-1707 | FD10820 ConcreteGo > Multiple Line Project Notes display as one line in order entry for the Project, Ticket and Invoice

SUMMARY: When a Project note had multiple lines, the lines displayed as one note and not as separate lines
Previously multiple lines were wrapped and showed as one line:

This is fixed and now shows multiple lines correctly:

Project > Search > Note with multiple lines

From Order entry > Project note display is on multiple lines

From Ticketing > Project note display is on multiple lines

From Invoice > Edit Orders & Tickets > Review > select the box to Include Invoice Notes. Project notes display as multiple lines

Sprint 33 – Closed
CON-1680 | FD 11011ConcreteGO > Items > Locations > Auto Products > Adding auto product causes product to be added twice

Bug Fix

SUMMARY: From Items > Locations > Auto Products form

When user entered a 2nd item the form would duplicate the item

The form has been fixed and no longer duplicates the 2nd or additional items on form

CON-1620 | FD CG > Invoice > Review > Priced Orders > “Orders with Zero Price Primary Products” Exception Not Working

Bug Fix

SUMMARY: When running Invoice > Review > Priced Order Report flagging exception options “Orders With Zero Priced Primary Products” and “Orders with Zero Priced Other Products” would not be flagged on Report as expected.

Form improved. Report now successfully Flags exceptions “Orders With Zero Priced Primary Products” and “Orders with Zero Priced Other Products”

CON-1331 | FD 8571 iStrada > Projects > New button creates New Project but Project is not synced to iStrada

Feature Improvement

SUMMARY: Previously when users Clicked New Button under projects, the project SAVED in CG (Without clicking SAVE ALL) *But did not sync (create New Project in iStrada.

Change added to Sync Project when user clicks NEW creating project in CG

Sprint 32 – Close 04/19/2022
CON-1708 – Item > Locations > Batching can not save unless fill for all locations

Bug Fix

SUMMARY: Previously the Items > Locations > Batching Form would not SAVE individual values as expected. Change applied to ensure all fields SAVE on form as expected.

Form Improved

CON-1674 – Order Entry failed to save user defined fields changes when save order

Bug Fix

SUMMARY: MPC reported bug OE > Other > User defined fields not saving as expected. Fix applied to ensure OE User Defined fields saved as expected.

Sprint 31 – Closed 04/06/2022
CON-1610 | FD 11012 – Automate Project Next Number


SUMMARY: Added logic to allow Sites automatically APPLY Next Number sequence to Projects. This allows sites to manage project codes manually or let system apply Next Number Sequence for Project Codes.

Steps to enable this feature

  1. Go to Config > Users > User Roles (Select User Role that will manage and apply Project Sequence, 💡 Best Practice suggest Administrator User Role
  2. Once this is enabled Project Sequence will be exposed to UI under Config > Next Numbers
    CODE – Manually created code to be applied to system to enable feature
    Description – Represent Project Next Number Sequence
    Short Description – Brief explanation of Project Code Sequence
    Begin AT – The INITIAL / START of Project Code Sequence
    Next Numeric Number to be used as NEXT number when creating a NEW Project (can be adjusted or reset)
  3. Once this is SAVED Go to Config > Customer and SELECT and APPLY > “Next Project Sequence Code”
  4. Verify by going to Customer > Projects NEW. Select a Customer > Enter Project NAME and Click NEW button. (Note Choose OK to Copy Customer > Products or Cancel to NOT copy Customer > Products)
  5. Verify Expected Next Project Number Sequence Code Applies to NEW PROJECT
CON-1647 | FD 11095 – Truck demand improvement adding more colors by status

SUMMARY: Previously ConcreteGO Dispatch > Truck Demand displayed limited Orders on Graph. The graph captured Ticketed, Normal and Will Call Order Statuses.

This change enhanced the Truck Demand to Include all Order Status for a more accurate Truck Demand graph. Users also have the ability to filter/suppress each Status to help visualize Truck Demand requirements throughout the day. No Steps are required to enable this change its enabled by default for all ConcreteGO users.

To Access Truck Demand go to Dispatch > Truck Demand > Select Multi-Plant Demand button to open new Tab to display Truck Demand. (Note Multi-Plant setting needs to be set to select desired plants to display)

Once Selected Truck Demand will open NEW Tab with ALL Status Colors



CON-1274 – add protection in backend to prevent save order without order qty unit and price qty unit

SUMMARY: Added logic on OE form that prevent form from Saving *Order Qty UOM and Price QTY UOM have no value. (NOTE This could not be duplicated BUT when reported it impacts Tracking Screen with invalid data. )