Release Notes | Cloud Batch

v. UI:1.31.0 API:1.8.51

[API] Inventory inconsistency, current balance not matching closing in Reconcile report (FD11438)

  • Inconsistencies with balance and closing in the reconcile page were sometimes due to the user entering inventory adjustments without a bin selected (an option no longer available). The system will now exclusive show only the sum of the material from the bins allow both to match. In the example below the top image shows the update.

[UI]CB>Tickets> Option to Void a ticket (FD11512)

  • User will now have the option to Void a ticket. The void menu will ask the user to choose between subtracting the inventory or nullifying for the ticket.

[API] Allow negative ‘ship in’ values

  • When using the Truck icon ‘Ship in’ on the Materials tab the user can now enter negative Quantities for stock adjustments.

Bin Ids for materials are now stored for each batched ticket

  • Each ticket now stores BIN id’s for the material batched. Example below:

•  [UI] CB>Setting>Notifications Menu (FD10076)

  • A new menu tab is available under Settings. The notification menus gives the option to mute/unmute your notifications.

•  Capitalized UOM’s are now recognized

  • Some units may not be recognized due to capitalization. This is now fixed.

•  Max amount in mix for metered materials

  • Max amount in mix for metered material will now notify the user an prompt to spilt the load is amount entered exceeded.

[UI] If user manually hits belt buttons ignore off delay and turn off immediately

  • When adding a delay to a linked belt, manually turning off wont be restricted to its delay off time. The belts will now turn off immediately. They will however follow their delay off time under an automated load.

CB Proxy – communicate via https/wss is now possible

  • Remote Proxy are now compatible with CloudBatch.

CB Proxy
[API] Add field to Devices>Scales “Initial Adjust Delay” (FD11908)

  • Addition of time delay field to initial open signal.

SSL/TLS certificate for Cloud Batch Proxy

  • Proxy Software now has a certified certificate for added security.

(UI) Store SYSDYNE LOGGER logs for each load

  • Each replay now stores Sysdyne Logger commands for better troubleshooting.

Bug Fixes

If user starts a washout, stopped and finished water before target. Load won’t complete.

  • Washouts will now terminate properly.

Scale will open for 3 seconds after user resumes a paused discharge

  • Use resolved where scales would open fully after a scale pause.

CB>Settings>Proxy Address> If user enters Proxy IP, system wont log in.
CB>Settings>Proxy Address> Batch size not when calculated with QTY truck from dispatch

  • When a ticker from dispatch as returned concrete it will now update the batch size accordingly.

CB>Settings>Proxy Address> [UI] Scheduler dates for Australia are behind 1 day
[UI] Cloud batch will not discharge if scale is not in status “Wait Discharge” (FD11981)
[UI]Last device edited will show in materials tab, this should clear when user clicks on another material

  • Above the Material screen is showing 10mm bin for WRAC.

  • Above is the corrected display for that Material

v. UI:1.30.3 API:1.8.49

Bug Fixes

Batch: load won’t complete if user starts a washout, stopped and finished water before target

  • If a washout were in progress and the user stopped/finished the washout before the total water needed was reached, the system would not allow the next batched load to start

Material: last device edited will show in materials tab

  • The material screen would continue to display the device information for the previously viewed material after moving to another material

Batch: allow unit of measures to allow uppercase and lowercase characters

v. UI:1.30.0 API:1.8.43


Batch: allow to batch mix with unassigned items

  • This will allow the user to continue to proceed with batching of the load without a material assigned to a device. The following message will appear in the batch constituent items.

Batch: set meter command send check (FD 10513)

  • Additional step in programming added to check the output of the pump is on when required to be and if not, it will resend a command to do so.

Belt: keep belt on between drops (FD 10979)

  • For loads that require split batching, the belts will continue to stay on between drops.

Material: free fall close delay (FD 11882)

  • An additional setting has been added to bin devices to allow the scale additional time before the settle time setting to take the reading of the weight on the scale


Material: show only active bins

  • An additional setting has been added to the material setup to allow for the assignment of all bin devices to their respective materials while keeping the visible setting box checked and only display the bin devices on the batch screen that have the active box checked.

Material: tolerance by unit and % for weighed and metered materials (FD 11544)

  • The tolerance setting has been split to allow for tolerance settings to be done by unit and %. This allows for the system to check for in tolerance by unit or %. If one of the settings is met the system will finish the material.


Report: ship in amount for material report

  • A new column has been added to the inventory usage report to display ship in amounts
    ship in

Settings: enable mix design constituent change

  • A new checkbox has been added in Settings to enable the change of existing constituent items in batch edit or add additional constituent items

Bug Fixes

Batch: Aerator won’t come on for second silo if first silo does not jog or go over (FD 11380)

  • Additional step in programming added to increase the time the system needs to verify the output to the aerator is on for multiple powder feeds

Batch: Minimum flow rate error for weighed material

  • The minimum flow rate setting will now accept and use an entry of “0”
v. UI:1.29.0 API:1:8:43


Batch-edit: Option to change material visibility automatically during the load “Enable Auto Toggle Batch Material”

  • The figure below shows the new option “visible” (available per material) this determines if the icon will show on the batch screen and can be batched.

  • When “Enable Auto Toggle Batch Material” is disabled the system will now flag instances of batching a material sharing the same bin. Shown in the example below.

  • In the example above, the user is trying to batch 1050kgs of material 20MMBC. 20MMBC is using BIN2 and BIN3, CB has notified the user another material is using the same outputs and given the option to switch bin. If the user agrees it will “disable visibility” to all materials sharing the bin and batch the 20MMBC. The system will now only batch from 20MMBC for bins 2, and 3.

Material: Create/edit a bin in material settings CBAT-1403

  • User now has the ability to access bin settings in material as well as create a bin from the material tab.

Ticket: add Binid, PumpID to ticket info

  • Ticket data can be viewed with the code selection button.

    Under each material a PUMPID or BIN +ID is recorded and will aid with finding where the material was batched from in case of any future investigations into the batch.

Bug Fixes

Batch: Discharge metered water with no wash water
Batch: Toggle material visibility

v. UI:1.28.0 API:1:8:37

Verify Meter finish statues before using set-meter command

  • Above the diagnose screens shows possible meters 1-32. A finish status would be in white. CB will now check for this to be clear to prevent any issue with metering the material

Metered ‘Minimum flow rate’ Functionality

  • Entering value in the field Minimum flow rate will enable this option. The system will Pause the material after ~7 seconds of the meter pulse falling below the minimum flow rate amount.

Enable toggle for visibility per material

  • User can now make materials in invisible to avoid to many icons on screen at one time.

Mark manual tickets when done in demo

v. UI:1.27.0 API:1:8:33


Batch: if jog table jogs and gets O, increase jog open time CBAT-1382 (4941920)
batch-logic: two more events added (LOAD START, LOAD FINISH) to onBatchCycle CBAT-1378 (21a13ac)
jog-table: if material left is smaller than smallest amount in jog table use smallest amount CBAT-1381
(704c91c)material: add DEMO label to material usage (454dab4)

Bug Fixes

Batch: ignore tare if tare weight > O CBAT-1366 (8ed57c0)
Batch: making metered water < 0 will not allow cement to discharge CBAT-1379 (f792242)

  • In situations where water was trimmed out an net =0, the discharge sequence for any scale that will wait on water will not complete.

Batch: show correct weight on bin CBAT-1366 (fac1851)

  • when ignore tare option was enabled secondary bin to weigh up would display incorrect target

batch-edit: allow moisture 0-100% CBAT-1368 (81ff134)

  • User can now enter moisture values 0-100

batch-edit: use constituent batch code unit CBAT-1374 (facd1d)

  • When a line item would dose a material the, CB would use units from the line item instead of the batch code item it pointed to. CB will now use the unit the

jog-table: use smallest amount – lowest jog open time & jog weight > 0 CBAT-1381 (ba2772a)

  • When CB is in auto-jog mode, it will now use the smallest amount in jog table if amount required is smaller.

v. UI:1.26.0 API:1:8:33


Ticket Editor – CBAT1348

  • Ticket editor now has all fields required for Minnesota DOT

Ticket Editor – CBAT1351 – Calculate “Water”, “Water Free” for metered materials with MCFAC > 0 (FD10193)

  • Changed calculation to follow Minnesota DOT specifications.

Cloud Batch – CBAT1350

  • Add variable “Water Weight/Volume” in Settings – custom calculations when converting a unit of Volume (ex. gal) to a unit of weight (ex. lbs)

Cloud Batch – CBAT1356

  • All bins sharing the same output will mimic the size and position of the first bin created sharing the output.

Cloud Batch – CBAT1358 – Materials > Demo Loads Reduce Inventory (FD10699) (user now has an option in settings to control demo inventory activation.)

  • User now has the option while running a demo to not affect inventory.

Bug Fixes

API – CBAT1354 – Water in truck field not population actual value for batch edit. (FD10193)

  • Fix for bug where user entered water in truck filed in batch edit screen will show up as 0 in final ticket.

CBAT1355 – Material > Weighed > Settling times > 4s or greater will not allow to override material if OVER (FD11196)

  • Fix for bug that would not allow user to override overages if settling time was set to higher than 4s

API – CBAT1352 – Provide Job # for Cloud Batch ConcreteGo > ORDERS > SIMPLE NEW > JOB # (FD10193)

  • Fix for bug where Job # would not show on printed ticket.

v. UI:1.24.0 API:1:8:33


Water Adjustment Auto-save – You can now save any adjustments in the Water Adjust field located in the Batch Edit menu – options to auto-save this info can be found in settings tab to save (per mix, per order, per day,)
Water Adjustment Field

Trim Adjustment Auto-save – You can now save any adjustments in the Trim column located in the Batch Edit menu – options to auto-save this info can be found in settings tab to save (per mix, per order, per day,)
Trim Adjustment Column

Scale Start Tare Distribution – You now have the option to to zero out the weight of whatever was already on the scale.

Bug Fixes

Recalculate tail water if head water goes over/under (for metered)

  • Before Fix:
    Ex 1:
    Head Water
    set-meter 7=80 1=1
    Actual 85
    Tail Water
    set-meter 7=105 1=1

    Ex 2:
    Head Water
    set-meter 7=80 1=1
    Actual 100
    Tail Water
    set-meter 7=120 1=1

  • After Fix:
    Head Water
    set-meter 7=80 1=1
    Actual 85
    Tail Water
    set-meter 7=100 1=1


Fix missing {{taxCodeCode}} to TT editor (FD10193)

Add LB unit to SSD column in TT editor (FD10193)

v. UI:1.23.0 API: 1.8.26


batch: If user activates Discharge (F10) trigger water-tank discharge if tank is waiting on discharge.\

  • The water tank will now discharge when user hits F10 if tank is ready for discharge.

When “Closing” a Scale, CB will now send 3s closing signals at .5s intervals until close gate signal is received.

Iowa DOT ticket field updates, user can now add fields required by most Midwest region DOT. (FD10193)

  • ABS

  • SSD







  • Water allowed by Design

  • Water allowed to add

  • Total load

    The above additional now allow the user to construct a batch Data table that looks like the following:Batch Data Table

v. UI:1.22.1


batch: finish feed metered water manually CBAT-1278 CBAT-1281 (27b02a7)

    • The user now has the option to PAUSE the Metered water at any time during head or wash feeding in a batch cycle.


  • The user now has the option to STOP/END prematurely and out of tolerance and any time during head or wash feeding in a batch cycle.

Bug Fixes

batch: allow to discharge tank with head water only when discharge is started CBAT-1291 (883dc5e)

  • Under Metered material settings for the material of water type the user can set the Batch Start: Start Batch and Discharge Start: Discharge. When Metered Water-Tank is set these settings the tank will discharge when the user enables F10 and the tank is ready for discharge even is the primary and secondary scales have not finished weighing up.

batch: allow wash water percent start with primary scale to work metered water with tank CBAT-1285(948a374)

  • The Wash start will now work relative to the amount of primary material left on scale. In the example below the system will hold 20% for wash water and discharge it at 80% of the material left in the scale.

batch: check if secondary scale can discharge with water for metered water with tank CBAT-1282 (c711ce1)

  • The secondary scale will now discharge correctly when interfered by Metered Water-Tank, previously the secondary would not follow its sequence if interfered by Metered Water-Tank.

batch: resume scales if waiting for wash water CBAT-1282 (732d689) (related to FD10711)

  • The system will now follow primary-secondary sequence if interfered by wash-water discharging.

belt: fix off delay for belts with offPNo CBAT-1277 (b53c88f) (related to FD10706)

  • The belt will now work correctly when linked to another belt. Off Delay and On Delay will be obeyed from the moment main belt is triggered ON or OFF.


jog-table: fix jog test for secondary bin CBAT-1290 (18f8200)

  • Jog testing per will now allow you to test secondary bin.

ticket: open tt-editor even templates are not set CBAT-1289 (4218843)

  • Open the tt-editor without a template selected will no longer halt the editor, user now has the ability to select template to edit.
v. UI:1.22.0 API:1.8.21


batch-edit: display warning message if any of its bins are inactive CBAT-1270 (e342974)

pump: add finish feed button to water pump CBAT-1272 (f538b8c)

Bug Fixes

batch: add 2 sec delay to metered materials after receiving finish signal from PAC CBAT-1280 (9b559be)

batch: fix ‘cut-off for metered water CBAT-1276 (4df0564)

batch: fix discharge tank CBAT-1271 (f6bd782)

v. UI:1.21.0


batch-edit: display warning if the same bin is assigned to different materials CBAT-1255 (9c9e99a)

bin: add delay before feed CBAT-1252 (5f6d3d5)

bin: material: add discharge scale sequence options CBAT-1254 (8d50549)

bin: material: report for inventory usage CBAT-1259 (e8ae34e)

bin: settings: display last load – batch info permanent CBAT-1213 (d489187)

Bug Fixes

bin: batch: discharge water pump – check if secondary scale finished if set to: wait water (d143C43)

bin: device: enable resizing when device show up after hiding CBAT-1264 (e999c7f)

bin: device: fix saving device after jog table update CBAT-1266 (a5851d)