Why using Paperless Ticketing is important for DOT Inspectors

As a result of COVID-19, DOT inspectors, contractors and producers have been forced to adjust the way they work and communicate. Using digital versions of the ticket, or Paperless Tickets, will allow all project stakeholders to continue to work, efficiently and safely.
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Top 5 reasons to adopt Paperless Tickets:

• Onsite inspector safety
• AASHTOWare integration
• Reduce lost, torn or ineligible tickets
• Record test results easily using a tablet or phone
• Capture batch weights before trucks arrive at the job site

The TDOT released SOP1-CT to modify certain procedures related to concrete batch tickets. These changes were made in an effort to make TDOT projects safer for all those present on these projects.

We will be addressing the importance of Paperless Tickets for DOT inspectors and all project stakeholders in an upcoming Webinar, stay tuned!

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