What You See
~ Is Not Always ~
What You Get

Why are GPS tracking systems laggy with truck locations?

Most of the time, this latency is caused by the GPS system that updates the truck location in intervals. For example, some GPS systems update the truck location every minute, or every 3-5 minutes. In other words, these GPS systems do not update the truck locations in real-time.

The truck location you see on the map with these systems could be the truck location 3-5 minutes ago. GPS systems similar to this may cause your drivers to miss some turns or drive to the wrong road. With these forms of GPS systems, what you see is not what you get.

“You see the truck on the map, but it’s not really there.”

With iStrada’s GPS, truck locations are updated in real-time, not on a scheduled basis. The location accuracy can be set as low as 3 feet, so as soon as the truck moves 3 feet or more, the location will be updated on the map. Below is a screenshot demonstrating the real-time location updates that are possible with iStrada.

Location Accuracy

iStrada is more than just a GPS truck tracking system. Concrete delivery is managed by the software starting from the point the truck is loaded including driver time and attendance, DVIR, eTicketing, etc. In addition, it offers the iStradaView platform, which allows contractors and inspectors to access eTickets, orders, and delivery updates in real-time.

A real-time truck tracking platform has evolved from an emerging technology to an integral part of modern business. Regardless of the size or the location of the company, quality location data offers extensive and far-reaching benefits. It is because of this rapid growth that you will want to select a platform that will make you stay competitive in the market and be able to scale with you as you grow.

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