Track Driver Production Trends To Boost Efficiency

Sysdyne’s suite of fully integrated batch, dispatch and delivery management applications offer advanced KPI (key performance indicator) reports to measure performance and generate powerful business insights for Concrete producers.

KPI save time and money

ConcreteGO’s Driver Production Trend Report is a quick way for Concrete Producers to see how many hours a Driver is clocked in at a particular plant – either for a single day or a range of days. For instance, if Plant 1 loans a Driver to Plant 2, operations can easily see how many hours for that period the Driver worked at each plant. Concrete Producers can easily capture the plant total for any given report period.

It’s a great way to see how long a Driver or a truck is on the clock before getting their first ticket. Operations can easily monitor patterns to if a Driver is always on the clock for an extended period of time before ever getting a ticket.

A date range can be chosen or a specific date can be selected to generate a report. Reports can be generated by specific plants and/or specific drivers. Start capacity is the time between clocking in and printing the first ticket. End capacity is the time between the last ticket and clocking out.

There is tremendous inherent value in using ConcreteGO’s KPI reports. Monitor important performance variables like Driver StartUp Clock-In, 1st Ticket to End of Day, and Driver Clock-Out times and efficiency. Leveraging the Driver Production Trend report can help reduce the time between Clock-In and 1st load to increase yards per man-hour.