Sysdyne Products are fully integrated with VERIFI® In-Transit Concrete Management System

Sysdyne offers enterprise software solutions for the Ready Mix industry, including Cloud batch controls, Cloud central dispatch, iStrada concrete delivery management system and iStradaView online collaboration platform with Free paperless ticketing. Now they are fully integrated with VERIFI In-Transit Concrete Management System from GCP Applied Technologies Inc. The VERIFI System monitors, measures, and manages concrete properties in transit.

Materials added with the VERIFI System are recorded and displayed as part of iStrada paperless ticket.

Improving results with advanced integration capabilities with VERIFI In-Transit concrete management System

With the VERIFI System, loads are measured for slump and temperature, letting producers catch bad loads before they pour. By delivering a more consistent product at a higher level of quality, ready-mix producers benefit from:

• Fewer loads rejected on site
• More loads delivered successfully per day
• Less admixtures used
• Turn trucks around faster
• Reduced disposal of unused concrete
• Fewer jobs needing to be re-done
• Less cement used

How it all works:

Sysdyne and the VERIFI system exchange critical batch and ticket information seamlessly for better decision making using any of the following platforms:


CloudBatch iStrada ConcreteGO


Please contact your regional Sysdyne representative for complete details by emailing sales@sysdynetechnologies.com or using our live chat at the bottom of the page.