Sysdyne To Provide SSO Throughout Cloud Native Product Suite

You might have learned by now Sysdyne’s three key Cloud Native software systems: ConcreteGO Central Dispatch, CloudBatch, and iStrada GPS truck tracking and delivery management system.

SSO (single sign-on) is currently being implemented by our development team. Using SSO, a user is able to access a number of related, though independent, applications by using just one ID and password – this will soon be the case with each of our Cloud Native software systems.

Concrete SSO

SYSDYNE’s SSO will not only provide seamless integration of all SYSDYNE solutions but will also easily support MFA and third-party authentication mechanisms like SAML or Azure Active Directory, which will allow our products to become truly enterprise-ready.

“Eventually, it will also remove the borders between the products.”

ConcreteGO and iStrada sync division settings, projects, customer information, truck details, items, truck statuses, employees, employee clock-in and clock-out information, orders, tickets, and batch weights. With SSO, our Cloud Native suite will integrate seamlessly, enabling you to access data from ConcreteGO, iStrada, and CloudBatch in real-time (with permission, of course). ConcreteGO, for example, will be able to access PDF hot tickets even though the data is stored in iStrada.

The single platform sets the foundation for us to provide powerful business insights next to none. Unlike other applications that can provide dashboards and reports with data from a single source, say dispatch, by using integrated data from batch, dispatch, GPS truck tracking, and Delivery Management, Sysdyne will provide more comprehensive business insights for your decision-making.