Sysdyne Staff Spotlight: Todd Brakefield

The company is proud to introduce Todd Brakefield, Support/Implementation Manager:

Writing this article has had me realize I’ve been with Sysdyne for almost 7 years… dang, time flies! 

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham from 1988 – 1990. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and troubleshooting, and I found that the tech field allowed me to do both.

My history with Sysdyne all started off with my involvement with ConcreteGO and iStrada Support and Project Management. The company has grown tremendously since, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Every day, I love putting my 24 years of industry experience to use by delivering our products’ revolutionary advantages to our customers!

When a customer has a problem, I am always happy to help. Currently, I am mostly involved with new customers and guiding them from concept through implementation. Teaching along the way allows us to get data entered, but also make business decisions on how to best utilize all the tools we offer.

I try to utilize my experience to create a cohesive project plan for each customer. I also enjoy helping each customer apply their business rules using the software. In addition, new tools allow for greater depth of information allowing for better decision making.

In my spare time (after customers receive all the help they need), I like to take long walks on the beach, take scenic videos with my drone, and drink rum drinks.