Sysdyne Staff Spotlight: Maximo Ares Garcia

The company is proud to introduce Maximo Ares Garcia, Application Specialist:

After working at a Concrete equipment company for a few years, I was given the opportunity to work for Sysdyne as a sales representative – I’ve been with Sysdyne for 3 years. With my experience in and knowledge of the industry, the software wasn’t difficult to learn.

Traveling around the country and helping customers understand the advantages of Cloud native software was a very enriching experience and a journey of self-discovery. I realized how much more I enjoyed helping customers and solving their problems than making a deal.

I discussed my new discovery with the president of the company, expressed my desire to be transferred to the service department, and was fully supported to join the customer service team in January 2022. I am so happy to be working in this amazing company. At this new position, I help our customers implement ConcreteGO, iStrada and support our Cloud Batch controls.

As an Application Specialist, I have assisted customers who only speak Spanish as well as supported our customers in Australia and New Zealand on different shifts. I have explored and supported our customers on the best practices using our solutions and all the features we have to offer so our customers have the best experience with our solutions. I’ve built an amazing relationship with our customers through this job. Our customers are appreciative of the work we do. They feel that they are not treated as a number. We are there for them.

It has been a new experience for me to work with our customers in Australia and New Zealand. Being able to guide them on their journey with our company and solutions that have opened the doors to understand the best practices and use of our solutions around the world. I am happy to be a part of this new technology of the Cloud Batch system. Being in the forefront with our customers to guide them on this change, where we have infinite possibilities in the cloud.