Similar To Concrete, Bartenders Have A Rich History…

Ancient materials were made with crude cements by crushing and burning gypsum or limestone. When sand and water were added to these cements, they became mortar, which was a plaster-like material used to adhere stones to each other. Over thousands of years, these materials were improved upon, combined with other materials and, ultimately, morphed into modern concrete.

Similarly, with residues of the earliest alcoholic beverage in the world dated ca. 7000–6600 BCE, Bartending has been around for a long time. Few people, however, know the basics of this profession’s history. The art of serving drinks and tending to bars has been part of our world for thousands of years, and can be traced back as far as ancient Rome and Greece.

It was quite common for taverns to hire bartenders, and to be set up in areas that have popular routes for travelers and merchants. This meant that the tavern was going to be full most of the time. Therefore, someone had to be there to serve the available drinks. The ancient Greeks used to believe that this was extremely important. Therefore, they would have several locations where patrons can socialize. These taverns did not open their doors for just about anyone. However, most people couldn’t afford to buy drinks in these early taverns.

Over thousands of years, this business model has morphed into your modern selection of bars and pubs. With more than half a million bartenders in the U.S. alone, National Bartender Day is a big holiday to celebrate! Whether you head out to the local bar or restaurant in your neighborhood, make a trek to a new spot in town, or share a drink with your favorite bartending friend, the first Friday in December is the day to show your appreciation for all the mixologists out there!