Recap: iStrada Feature Series

Sysdyne offers products that are innovative and accessibly priced. The iStrada GPS Truck Tracking and Delivery Management platform will propel your business into the digital world, helping you to successfully compete in this increasingly competitive market.

Driver Call-Out Feature

Scheduling drivers is essential for ready-mix fleet management; In today’s digital world, notifying drivers of their start time via SMS/email is key.

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Driver Call Out
Vehicle Maintenance – DVIRs

Motor carriers’ interest in electronic document handling stems from DVIRs. The iStrada® delivery management platform will keep your records safe and orderly

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Fully Integrated Concrete Delivery Management with VoIP

The iStrada® concrete delivery management platform’s Communicator tool relies on VoIP to allow dispatchers and drivers to communicate safely and securely.

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Managing Jobsite Performance Just Got Easier with iStradaView

Ready Mix producers are saving thousands of dollars each day by tracking concrete delivery performance in real-time using the iStradaView® mobile dashboard

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Sysdyne Technologies is the leading Cloud software provider for the Concrete Ready Mix industry. Our goal is to help concrete producers leverage the latest in cloud technology to improve access to data for better decision-making and boost profitability. Sysdyne’s fully-integrated product suite includes Pioneer® Cloud Batch, ConcreteGO® Cloud Dispatch, and iStrada® Cloud GPS/Truck Tracking.


Please contact your regional Sysdyne representative for complete details by emailing sales@sysdynetechnologies.com, using our LIVE CHAT, or calling 203-327-3649.