The New Multi-Division Feature in ConcreteGO® Cloud Dispatch Meets the Needs of Enterprise Concrete Suppliers

Enterprise dispatch systems can create a tremendous amount of value for concrete producers by helping streamline operational management and improving communications throughout the entire company. Producers can now easily assign multiple levels of permissions and access rights to different divisions within the same company using Sysdyne’s ConcreteGO multi-division feature to simplify what was once a very tedious and complex process.

Managing multiple divisions within the same company has never been easier!


Using ConcreteGO‘s new multi-division feature gives administrators ultimate flexibility in setting up new users and assigning them to specific divisions, regions, or companies within the same organization. Simply add a new user in ConcreteGO and the default division will become the user’s company access point. Administrators can easily manage or make modifications to a user’s access rights from a central point of entry, saving significant time and resources.


• Robust enterprise-level solution for multiple division companies
• Flexibility that can easily be adapted to a company’s existing structure
• Better management tools to promote better business focus
• Improve collaboration, reporting, communication, and efficiency

With Sysdyne’s cloud-based ConcreteGO dispatch system, administrators can easily manage multiple divisions within the same organization more effectively. Users will only see the plants and locations for which they have authorized access, which helps to improve productivity, security and simplify day-to-day communications within the organization.

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