Effective Concrete Delivery Documentation & Ticket Management Through Software Innovation

Written By Patrick Stone

What is concrete delivery ticket documentation and management?

Concrete delivery documentation and management is the process of capturing all concrete delivery information starting from creating the concrete delivery ticket through submission for billing. The data captured includes complete customer & delivery information, mix constituents, concrete batch weights, concrete testing information, Jobsite water addition, and acceptance authorizations.

Why the need to effectively document and record concrete delivery information?

Accurate concrete delivery information and ticket management is a vital source of Jobsite documentation. Delivery information can be overlooked and not recorded properly due to time limitations and the unavailability of personnel. Also, delivery tickets are subject to being misplaced on the Jobsite or with the concrete producer causing valuable information to go undocumented. Accurate concrete delivery documentation ensures that:

1) Mix designs are within specifications upon arrival to Jobsite.
2) Concrete batch and delivery times are recorded to ensure the concrete is within project time limit specifications or ACI guidelines.
3) Jobsite water addition is recorded.
4) Serves as proof of delivery.
5) Information is available if there is a defective concrete claim.
6) Provides all concrete delivery stakeholders the same information.

How to effectively document and record concrete delivery information through enhanced software technology?

Enhanced software technology allows for the documentation process to be automated and shared with all project stakeholders. Automated concrete delivery ticket ensures and includes:

1) Approved mix designs are automatically and accurately uploaded to the batch computer without manual input by the batch person limiting human error.
2) Paperless tickets are generated and provided to the driver, contractor, and project inspector through a web-based application.

a) Mix design and batch weights are automatically capturing showing variances if any.
b) Test information is captured on the web-based application for automated documentation on the ticket.

3) GPS truck tracking and advanced telematics information provide automated cycling of truck status from
concrete loading to “back-in-yard”. Drum rotation and water-added are also documented automatically for accurate documentation.
4) Concrete delivery acceptance or rejection is captured on the web-based application by all stakeholders (Contractor and Project
inspector) with virtual signatures and approvers.
5) Final delivery documentation is automatically uploading upon completion and routing accounting software for accurate billing to customers.

Improved Concrete Delivery Documentation through Software Innovation and Automation.

Software innovation technology for concrete delivery tickets and management improves documentation through the automation of data collection. Automating the concrete ticket process eliminates unreported ticket information, human error, capturing real-time data, and documents the concrete acceptance chain. Results of concrete delivery ticket automation include:

1) Batch Weights are automatically compared to Mix Design, and variances are documented on the delivery ticket proving that mix design is within project specification.
2) GPS Coordinates are automatically recorded for route tracking and ultimate proof of delivery.
3) Delivery times are automatically captured and added to the ticket without the need for handwritten time recordation.
4) Test results automatically added to the ticket through a web-based application to ensure accurate recording is captured for each delivery.
5) Transparency of project information is improved with all stakeholders receiving and viewing concrete ticket information in real-time.
6) Automated data is more reliable than handwritten information in the event of a defective material claim, and litigation is pursued.