iStrada® Feature Series: GPS Snail Trail

iStrada is an all-inclusive online delivery management collaboration platform with advanced GPS/truck tracking features. iStrada’s snail trail feature enables you to review and learn from historical deliveries. Easy to analyze and understand, Drivers’ routes can be viewed in list format or visualized in an interactive map showing a snail trail of the route taken on iStrada’s GPS map.

The snail trail feature helps you identify if routes are optimized and to highlight suspicious activities, so you can reduce mileage and fuel costs by making routes more efficient.

Each way point provides additional information throughout the delivery including the vehicle status, date and time, ticket status, direction of travel, vehicle speed, and any stops made.

Please contact your regional Sysdyne representative for complete details by emailing sales@sysdynetechnologies.com, using our live chat at the bottom of our website, or calling the main office at 203-327-3649

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