How to Keep Tabs on Your Drivers on Halloween

Easy monitoring tricks to use to prevent your Drivers from being hunted.

Some Concrete Producers are concerned about their drivers taking part in trick-or-treating, going to parties, and other unsupervised Halloween activities. NOT TO WORRY. You don’t have to go all crazy-stalker-boss on them…

It is possible to get some relief from the stress of your drivers’ unsupervised Halloween activities without tagging along… you can see what’s happening using iStrada’s GPS! Most producers prefer to prevent Drivers from the ability to turn off location sharing through our MDM, so you can keep an eye on them all night!

Keep in touch

With iStrada’s Communicator feature, Dispatchers can contact Drivers and warn them of haunted houses, prison escapees, serial killers, zombies, or monsters on the loose to keep them safe and ensure they’ll be fit for duty the next day. Dispatchers can even set up groups of Drivers who may be roaming the same neighborhood and allow them to communicate with each other directly.

With canned responses, drivers can quickly respond in the dark without letting their mobile devices illuminate. This would otherwise disclose their positions to potentially threatening passers-by.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!