How much cement do you need right now? Today? Tomorrow? | Sysdyne BI Series – Dashboard

The Director of Operations for a large ready mixed concrete production company once said

“there are three things I want to know every day:
1)  How many orders did I get?
2)  Do I have enough materials to fulfill those orders?
3)  Do I have enough drivers to deliver them?”

Here at Sysdyne, we’ve worked very hard to address those challenges to provide ready mixed concrete producers the opportunity to gain more visibility and insights into their operations day-by-day, hour-by-hour. Our newly built Sysdyne BI dashboard, embedded on the home page of ConcreteGO (free for ConcreteGO customers), provides Users with real-time information about the cement required to fulfill their current orders.

The Hourly Cement Requirement graph demonstrates the cement needed from an organization’s orders by the hour, per plant, providing Users the opportunity to schedule powder deliveries accordingly to avoid a shortage of cement, meanwhile helping avoid diversion and demurrage charges.

Similarly, the weekly cement requirement graph presents a clear idea of the cement needed for the upcoming days so that Organizations can be prepared.

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Full Dashboard Preview

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