Hear What Customers Say About Sysdyne CloudBatch™ – O&G Industries, Inc.

Founded in 1923, O&G Industries, Inc. is one of the Northeast’s leading providers of construction services and products. O&G has consistently ranked as one of the country’s top 400 construction companies for 50 years and is one of the Northeast’s largest construction companies. It operates 6 quarries, 10 concrete plants and 9 asphalt plants throughout Connecticut. Through their industry leadership, they are frequently asked to provide input into industry legislation and participate in industry roundtables.

Rafi Mohamed, CIO, O&G Industries

The relationship between O&G and Sysdyne started with Sysdyne’s batch controls. Now, O&G uses Sysdyne’s ConcreteGO Cloud dispatch and iStrada delivery management platform, and is changing all of their batch controls to Sysdyne CloudBatch™.

Recently, O&G’s CIO, Rafi Mohamed, sat down with us and discussed why O&G implemented the entire Sysdyne Cloud product suite.

“In effort towards digital transformation, we want to move away from on-premises and move to cloud native solutions. Migrating to CloudBatch (after we implemented ConcreteGO and iStrada) therefore perfectly aligned with our company strategy. We now have one consolidated platform that can do dispatch and batch. We don’t have siloed data anymore.

We use Snowflake as our data warehouse. Having the batch control in the cloud, along with having deployed ConcreteGO and iStrada cloud solutions, now we have all the ready mix operational software in the Cloud. It sets the foundation for us to do big data analysis and to gain business insights. This is extremely important for us to keep our competitive edge in the market.

Sysdyne CloudBatch benefits our concrete operations in numerous ways as well. For operations management, (with CloudBatch) we can see what is happening at the plant in real time and be able to take action as needed without traveling to plants. For IT support, they don’t need to worry about batch upgrades any more. Now the upgrades apply automatically as soon as they are released. For the QC, if he wants to make any changes to a mix design he does not need to dial in to the system. The QC person can access from anywhere at any time and make the change. Being able to make adjustments to the mix and apply in real time helps them prevent issues and reduce cost.”