Go-Live of ConcreteGO and iStrada Makes for Big Buzz at Dolese Bros. Co.

Alan White, Senior IT Director at Dolese Bros. Co. shares his take on transitioning from legacy software systems to Sysdyne Cloud Solutions, including ConcreteGO for ready-mix dispatch and iStrada for truck GPS & delivery management

Dolese Bros. Co. is a premier ready-mix producer and heavy building materials supplier which proudly serves its home base of Oklahoma and surrounding areas. With humble beginnings dating back to 1868, Dolese Bros was originally established to furnish quarried rock for railroad construction. Over the years, their operations have since evolved to span multiple business lines, with over 1000 employees & personnel, and 60 facilities across two states.

For more than 100 years, Dolese Bros has remained focused and unwavering in their dedication to service and quality at a fair price. To help continue this mission for their ready-mix business, Dolese Bros. Co. has recently partnered with Sysdyne Technologies for their concrete dispatch and GPS/delivery management software.

In this video, Alan White, Dolese Bros. Senior IT Director, shares how their shift away from their legacy software provider to Sysdyne and the initial go-live in their northern region, has created an undeniable excitement and buzz throughout the Dolese Bros. workforce, with batch operators and ready-mix drivers alike excited to get Sysdyne ConcreteGO and iStrada at their locations and for their trucks.

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