What You Were Looking for at World of Concrete 2022

We’re still feeling the excitement from last week’s trade show! It was a pleasure getting together with so many contacts in the industry to discuss our end-to-end product suite as well as introduce our partners INFORM and GCP!

Didn’t get a chance to stop by? Weren’t at the show? Well here’s a quick RECAP:

SYSDYNE is working together with INFORM to add optimization to their software for ready mix concrete dispatch.

SYSDYNE is working together with GCP to fully integrate the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system with iStrada GPS/eTicketing platform. The integration will present a unified user interface. The truck drivers will be able to access GPS navigation assistance, e-ticket info and the Verifi data through a single Android tablet. The integrated system will automate all truck status updates with the concrete dispatch.

Get in touch if we missed you at the show to learn more about our industry-leading software suite including batch, dispatch and delivery management solutions.