StonemontQC now integrates with Sysdyne’s ConcreteGO®

Sysdyne and Stonemont jointly announce that ConcreteGO, Sysdyne’s true Cloud based concrete dispatch software is fully integrated with Stonemont’s advanced QC software for construction materials, StonemontQC.

Stonemont is pleased to partner with Sysdyne Technologies to improve the experience of our mutual customers. Our integration with ConcreteGo streamlines our customers workflow processes for updating to mix designs, retrieval and analysis of batch results, and importing customer and project information for use in submittals,” said Adrian Field, President at Stonemont Solutions.


StonemontQC includes a powerful concrete mix design, submittal, and quality control software program for concrete producers. Their desktop, server, enterprise, and hosted software solutions easily scale from single plant operators to the largest producers. Automated features include email alerts on quality failures, automatic data analysis, and reports that may be generated and emailed daily, weekly, or monthly.

ConcreteGO is essentially ready-mix central dispatching in the cloud. It allows producers to grow their ready-mix businesses without all the traditional IT overhead. By simply logging into ConcreteGO from a web browser, dispatchers and batch operators can access information anytime, anywhere to take important decisions that will save money. Access to real-time data improves production efficiency, fleet performance, and job delivery.

• Update mix designs across your operations with a few clicks
• Analyze batch results and quality performance quickly and easily
• Import customer and project information for use in submittals
• Streamline QC and Dispatch processes to save time and resources

Offering a fully integrated cloud dispatch and cloud QC solution is a major step for us to complete our product suite for enterprise customers,” said Jill Zhang, President of Sysdyne. “Our mission is to transform the concrete industry with the most advanced technologies. The combination of ConcreteGO and StonemontQC will bring efficiency, reliability, and agility to a whole new level for all ConcreteGO and StonemontQC customers.

Stonemont and Sysdyne

Sysdyne offers a range of integrated software and industry automation tools using Cloud Services including Pioneer batch panels, ConcreteGO dispatch software and iStrada delivery management with electronic ticketing solutions. The company’s innovative products help ready-mix producers streamline operations, optimize business processes, tighten quality control and improve cash flow.