Automated Delivery Notice Using ConcreteGO® Cloud Dispatch

automate delivery notices

Automated Delivery Notices in ConcreteGO is simple to use and easy to set up. Customers will appreciate knowing when their order has left the plant, and will quickly become familiar with receiving the notifications.

By taking advantage of the Automated delivery notice feature in the ConcreteGO Cloud Dispatch system, users can assign multiple levels of notifications at the customer, project, and order entry levels. In addition to improving communication with customers, automated notifications also reduce unnecessary calls to dispatch. This allows employees to focus on getting concrete out the door as quickly and efficiently as possible.




• Improve communication with customers
• Reduce wait times at the job site
• Decrease unnecessary calls to dispatch
• Increase production performance

Using ConcreteGO’s automated notification system, multiple SMS numbers can be assigned to improve communication between dispatchers and customers in relaying estimated travel times. Customers are alerted when a truck with their order leaves the geofence of the plant – Informed that the concrete is in transit, the customer has ample time to prepare to receive the load and reduce delays or wait time.

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