SYSDYNE to Display VERIFI Data in iStrada app

A GPS system, an ELD, a phone, a radio, an SMS messenger, a timekeeping system, a camera…

Technology today provides a wide range of devices that can enhance employee productivity and satisfaction. However, these devices can make the mixer driver’s dashboard cluttered and create a distraction.

Sysdyne and its shareholder GCP (NYSE: GCP) are leveraging their relationship with the full iStrada/VERIFI® integration to ensure a single tablet interface is sufficient for all the services needed from an in-cab device. Coming soon, a single Android tablet will act as a GPS/eTicketing device while also displaying all VERIFI® data. The following information will be accessible in the iStrada App by displaying VERIFI data:

iStrada also uses the tablet as a two-way communicator, an ELD, a timekeeping device, and more. iStrada is fully integrated with all dispatch software in the market, and the integration with VERIFI will automate all truck status updates, including “Loading”, “Loaded”, “To-job”, “On-job”, “Pouring”, “Washing” and “Returning”.