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A Mobile Solution That Works Offline

When introducing a cloud solution, we are often asked: do I own my data? We understand the confusion. Simply because your data, whether mixes, customers, orders, or projects, is no longer on a server or servers located on your premises, it doesn’t mean you no longer own your data. With Sysdyne, your data will always be yours. Sysdyne will safe guard your data as long as you use our products and will always share it at your request. It is our goal to transform your concrete operation into a seamless system that leads to exceptional customer satisfaction and saved time and money. Success is in your data, make sure you own it.

Sysdyne Dealer Spotlight:

BESSA (Best Equipment & Service, S.A.) in Caribbean Region

BESSA was founded in 2000 by Jesús Christian and Armando Rey with a clear vision of offering their industry experience together with the best service and first-class equipment for the concrete industry in the Caribbean region. BESSA represents high quality and customer service-oriented companies such as McNeilus, Con-E-Co, and Sysdyne. They offer a special guarantee for all equipment it sells and provides preventative maintenance with strict fleet plans. Once delivered to the client, a complete training is given together with a follow-up of operation and maintenance, guaranteeing the optimum use of equipment, reducing downtime, and increasing product life. The most important goal for BESSA is to offer complete customer satisfaction, a service of optimum quality that goes beyond expectations. Integrity in all interactions is the foundation of BESSA and they continue to raise the bar for concrete operations in the Caribbean.

A Mobile Solution That Works Offline

iStrada® brings delivery management to your pocket. Available for Android and iOS, the iStrada app runs on any device, even when cell coverage is not reliable or not available during transit. Featuring an offline mode, iStrada continues to function as normal in no service areas. When the cellular connection is restored, all data is synced to the cloud, leaving no information gaps. From e-tickets to GPS updates, we make your devices work for you.

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