A Letter to Customers


Dear Customers,

Last Friday, GCP Applied Technologies (NYSE:GCP) announced it has made a strategic investment in Sysdyne (see press release below). GCP and Sysdyne share the vision of transforming the ready mixed concrete industry through technology and innovation. We believe the industry has been calling for more advanced technologies and better customer service. This investment is the answer to the call. I’ve been longing to share this great news with you. You are the purpose and sole reason for Sysdyne’s existence. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the Sysdyne family and for trusting us with your operations. The investment from GCP will make Sysdyne much stronger. It will accelerate our product development to meet your growing demands and allow us to bring more innovative products to the market. Most importantly, it will further strengthen our best-in-class customer support as we grow. As I continue to lead and grow Sysdyne, I ask all of you to keep supporting the company by giving us your feedback about our products and services. Please feel free to reach out to me, or people you have been working with at Sysdyne, with your questions or concerns. I’d like to learn what keeps you up at night. We have made our commitment to you and will exceed that commitment with GCP’s support. I look forward to continuing our journey of success and prosperity together.

Thank you.



Jill Zhang

President, Sysdyne Technologies.